Home Maintenance is the ONLY solution for a Maintenance-FREE home

Home Maintenance FreeSo you have your dream home, it’s beautiful, and you’d like to keep it that way. It’s like a machine, a combination of thousands of smaller elements that are interconnected and create this object of your desire.

When all of those smaller components are properly optimized and functioning as anticipated, your home should provide you with a safe, comfortable, and energy efficient environment. However, the only way to sustain this condition is to implement some home maintenance procedures.


Only a routine home maintenance will guarantee a “maintenance free” home

House Mold

Home Maintenance

Product Recalls

Heating Systems

Home Inspection Manuals

Asbestos in your House

House Kitchens

House Attic

Oil Tanks

Smoke alarms

GFCI Protection

Radon Gas

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Garage Problems

Whole House Humidifiers


Chimney Problems

Electrical Issues

Appliance Venting

Home maintenance is a never ending process which basically boils down to 3 steps

  • Observation of your home
  • Potential problem identification
  • Preventive home maintenance and repair execution

If you ever had a home inspection performed by a certified and experienced home inspector, you may already know that

I tried to cover many of the most critical yet typical maintenance procedures on my website. However, questions following my articles confirm that interaction of various home components can often create a condition that is far from typical and difficult to diagnose at the same time.