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  1. Hello,
    I literally own the home in the first 2 pictures, you did the home inspection for me and I still bought it. I appreciate the info here, the first thing I did when I bought this house was have a plumber turn my water, gas, and washer drain pipe around into the closet on the other side of that wall so I could seal off the garage. I am actually just now getting to the new drywall installation based on you having told me at the time of inspection that a garage has a required firewall code. Being that I wanted to make sure I patched this up right I searched up garage firewall code and found a picture of my terrible house!!! This home will haunt me until it caves in. I appreciate you putting this information out here for us to review as I think most people do not know there is a firewall code requirement to their attached garages. Would you mind if I end up calling you for reference on some of the items I’ve been trying to address from the original inspection?

    • Hi Daniel,
      Thanks, just call me if you have any questions. Same number as before. I don’t do inspections anymore but I’ll be happy to supply you with answers.

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