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Online since 2000, Checkthishouse.com was one of the first content rich websites to cover topics related to home inspections & other issues that arise with home ownership. Since then, we’ve branched out to cover all sorts of home improvement, renovation, and home style topics making us a truly one of a kind website!

Through the years, our website has been mentioned & featured on prominent websites such as:

  • Wikipedia.org
  • Southuniversity.edu
  • Stackexchange.com
  • Wikihow.com
  • Ehow.com
  • Hundreds more!

As such, our website is a highly trusted source of information. If you are a gifted writer and want your content noticed, keep reading!

Writing for Check This House:

Our primary goal at Check This House is to provide beneficial and detailed posts that show and teach our audience something important about home ownership, home maintenance, and beyond.

We also may accept any other topics that are related to real estate & interior decoration.

Ultimately, we are only interested in publishing content from individuals or organizations that we think will benefit the Check This House community and our readership.

Publishing requirements:

Want the details? here’s exactly what we’re looking for:

  • The content should be about home improvement, maintenance, and any other areas related to home ownership.
  • The content must be unique & original (meaning it cannot be published elsewhere).
  • You are free to link to or reference 3rd party websites; however, we do not accept clearly advertorial content.
  • While there is no min or max length, our most read content seems to come in between 500-2000 words. The very best content also includes detailed images, infographics, and other descriptive media.

Getting Started:

It’s easy! Simply send a list of 1 – 5 topics to give us a sense of what you’re looking to write about. To really speed things up, please link to any of your previously published content and give us your bio. We’re pretty good at monitoring the site so expect a reply between 12-24 hours.

Ready to get writing?