Crawlspace GFCI Installed at or Below the Grade Level


GFCI – (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

Crawlspace GFCI protection for receptacles has changed slightly in 2008 NEC (National Electrical Code).

2005 NEC exception that allowed single receptacles for not easily moved appliances to be excluded from GFCI requirement has been removed.

Because of the moisture, flooding, drainage problems , crawlspace GFCI protection absolutely makes sense in such application.

The only device that homeowners would probably prefer without GFCI protection is a sump pump, which used to be a part of that 2005 exception.

If you’re concerned about your crawlspace flooding, the solution would be to install a battery operated sump pump backup (make sure the battery is elevated above the highest water level mark).

It would also make sense (just like with the garage ceiling GFCI) to install regular outlet in the crawlspace and GFCI receptacle protecting it somewhere by the crawlspace entrance or other area with higher traffic so you can easily spot the problem.

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