Different Window Security Types to Ensure Safety


Security is one of the most important aspects that you should consider for your home. In most cases, the doors are what would be given priority.

However, there may be times when burglars consider the windows to be the most vulnerable part of your home.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider the security of your windows. With more than two million home burglary reports annually, how do you improve your window security at home?

Security Window Types

When considering window security, you should understand that you have different options when it comes to windows.

For instance, you can consider having reinforced glass windows. This includes choosing:

Tempered Glass

This is an excellent alternative to regular window glass. They are made from extreme heat mixed with rapid cooling, making them at least four to five times more durable.

Plus, they are the least expensive of all reinforced window types.

Another great thing about tempered glass is that it doesn’t shatter into shards when they break. The broken pieces are not that sharp, ensuring safety against burglars and protection for your children.

Laminate Glass

Laminate glass is more durable than tempered glass because it consists of two or more glasses bonded together within a plastic. They are also better able to resist impact.

Laminate glasses are a good option for homes located in areas prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, and even extreme sounds.

Like tempered glass, laminate falls will also not break into sharp edges. Should they break, they will remain enclosed within its plastic frame.

Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof glass is the sturdiest, but also the most expensive of all. That’s why this material is often reserved for use in places or cars where security may be an issue.

In some cases, government buildings will require cut glass into custom shapes to incorporate bulletproof glass into high-risk officials’ areas.

This way, they can withstand bombs and explosions.

They are not ideal for the home setting, largely because they are expensive and they can shatter into shards that may cause serious injuries.

Plexiglass Security Windows

In addition to reinforced windows, you can also have a Plexiglass security window installed in your home during your renovation.

This window type may have the same thickness as that of a regular window, but they are 10 times stronger. Additionally, Plexiglass cleanly cracks.

Some homeowners often choose Plexiglass windows because they can be tinted to increase their privacy and protect against harmful UV rays.

Aside from choosing the best windows for your needs, there are other security tips that you can practice to increase your safety. This includes:

Installing Home Security Systems

One of the most efficient ways of deterring burglaries is to have security systems installed in your home, such as window sensors that can detect if the windows will be opened from the outside.

Some sensors will also send alerts to the homeowners if they leave any of the windows open.

In addition to security systems, putting up floodlights also helps discourage sneaky individuals.

Checking Window Locks

Most burglars enter through the window when it can be easily opened. Making sure that your window locks are working can help deter untoward incidents.

Putting Window Security Bars

Window security bars are also one way of ensuring that your home will not be burglarized.

However, you should be careful when installing them since they can be expensive and can hurt your home’s overall exterior look.

Most importantly, it may even drive down your home’s value as it can give the impression that your neighborhood is unsafe.

Factoring home security is critical in ensuring that your home and family are safe from advantageous people.

Keep these window security options in mind and consider them for your next renovation.

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