Stains on Walls, Ghost Marks, Water Marks on Walls, Soot

During my inspections, I have been asked many times about stains on walls, also called ghost marks, soot deposits / dust marks and water marks on walls interior surfaces. Since there was usually a mold concern in my clients’ questions, I’ll try to explain that stains on walls / ghost mark phenomenon.
Is it a mold issue?
In most cases, it is not.
If you notice ghost marks / dark stains on the house interior wall / ceiling surfaces outlining house framing, dark dots corresponding to nails and screws underneath the wall finish, stains around picture frames hanging on walls, carpet discoloration […]

Flood Damaged Household Appliances

Are you scratching your head wondering if your flood damaged household appliances can be saved, or if you can safely operate them after just a few inches of water flooded your basement … There are a few household appliances that, because of their large size, are usually installed directly on the floor surface. With the … Read more