Should AC drip/condensation water be coming out of both of these pipes?

Home Maintenance Questions and AnswersCategory: Air ConditioningShould AC drip/condensation water be coming out of both of these pipes?
Question by chris Warton

Water is coming from both of AC Discharge pipes. I know the LEFT one is secondary to the drip pan and then to a conspicuous place. The RIGHT one is the main line and is free and connected to a sink in the house. I thought the drip pan should be dry normally.

Thank you!

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Dariusz Rudnicki Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Chris,
The drip pan usually is dry but sometimes the main discharge pipe could become partially clogged and condensate, while still draining through it, overflows and leaks into the secondary pan. It could also happen in extremely hot days, 3/4″ drain pipe may not keep up with the amount of condensate dripping from the coil. If you have an older AC unit, the primary pan could be failing.
I would first make sure that your main condensate drain line is free of lint and other obstacles.

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