The 9 Best DIY Projects For Home Renovation


Many people decide to renovate their house at some point. After all, with time, you can grow bored with your home’s interior design, and it’s only natural to want your place to look fabulous all the time.

However, renovation can be quite costly and time-consuming, and you need to make a thorough plan, so everything goes smoothly.

If you wish to save some money, DIY projects may be helpful. We’ve put together some awesome do-it-yourself projects for your home renovation that’ll add a fresh vibe to your place:

1. Upcycle Your Doors

If you have some old doors left, you can use them to make a coffee table, a closet or even a headboard.

Depending on your purpose, you should choose the doors with the right height, and make sure they’re sturdy enough.

If you want to make a headboard, make sure the door has a flat surface.

2. Fixing Cabinets

If you have some cabinets, but they’re damaged or bent, you can fix them yourself.

However, you need to remove all the damaged parts before making new ones.

Putty is a great material for filling in the gaps and holes in the cabinets. Sand it down and paint it.

You can also make some new parts from wood.

3. Spruce Up Your Roof

A part of your house that you might not think about renovating, is your roof, more specifically your shed or garage roof.

When redoing your roof, you should check epdm membranes which are perfect for replacing shed, garage and flat roofs. This is because they are made of ethylene and propylene which are incredibly durable synthetic materials.

4. Make Your Own Flooring

There are many different DIY projects related to flooring – from floor laying to floor cleaning. If you’re not a professional plumber, you can handle things yourself.

If you need to install your own flooring, you can do it!

5. Make Your Own Wood Paneling for the Entryway

Wood paneling is becoming increasingly popular again, and if you want to have some at home too, you can apply it yourself! If you don’t like the idea of whole walls covered with wood paneling, you can use it for smaller areas.

For example, wood paneling looks great under windows or along staircases in your home.

To do this, you should install ribbed molding around your window frame and then start applying wood panels all over it.

If you want to make the project easier, you can ask a professional to apply the panels for you.

6. Build Wooden Shutters for Outside Windows

Wooden shutters look amazing and they add a nice style to your home’s exterior. They also help protect windows from strong sun rays and other weather elements that could damage them over time.

However, if you don’t have time or don’t want to pay for custom shutters, you can make them yourself!

You need to measure your window and cut out panels that will fit there perfectly. To do this, start from the inner edge of the frame and work your way outwards until you have all the panels done.

Then stain or paint them to match your home’s exterior color palette or even paint one side of each panel in a different color so it looks more interesting!

Attach the panels to the window frame using hinges and screws, and voila! You’ve got yourself new shutters!

7. Plant an Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb gardens are easy to maintain, they make your home smell wonderful and they also add a refreshing vibe to your place.

You can plant fresh herbs all year round, or if you have a greenhouse, you can grow them during winter too.

The best part is that you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in your cooking!

8. Attach New Hardware to Cabinets and Drawers

If your kitchen cabinet hardware is looking a bit old, damaged or just not matching the rest of the interior décor in your house, you can replace it by applying new hardware yourself!

All you need to do is remove the old hardware and attach the new ones using screws or nails.

Make sure everything looks fine before you start painting it – otherwise, you might need to redo the work!

9. Replace Tiling on Your Floors and Walls

If your old tiles look outdated or damaged, you can simply replace them with new ones by yourself!

All you have to do is remove the old tiles and make sure there are no adhesive residues left on your surface (if they are there, sand them down).

Then, lay out your new tiles following their grid pattern and attach them using adhesive or grout.

To make tiling easier and less messy, cover both sides of your tiles with masking tape (remove it once the tiles are already laid out)

In case you’re not convinced that you can apply tiles yourself, make sure you remove all parts of the tile before applying adhesive – otherwise, they won’t go back in place easily!

Bottom Line

There are lots of fun DIY projects that you can undertake to transform your home.

Creating and building something new from something old by yourself is an incredibly gratifying and rewarding experience.

This way, not only will you have something that makes your home look great, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment by reusing old material.

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