5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Without Doing Major Renovations


After spending more time at home than any summer before, more and more home dwellers are looking to make some upgrades to their space.

If you’re among the DIY dreamers, check out these five simple ways to upgrade your home.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you’re tired of looking at the same 50 shades of beige day in and day out of isolation or are just noticing some drab details, a fresh coat of interior paint is the ideal solution.

Not only will this easy Sunday project make your space look more polished, but incorporating new colors in your home can actually boost your mood, too.

As you start swatching different color combinations, consider these color psychology guidelines:

  • Orange — evokes energy and fun
  • Red — bold and dramatic
  • Yellow — brightness and joy
  • Green — earthy, balanced
  • Blue — calmness
  • Purple — elegance
  • Pink — feminine
  • Black — luxury and sophistication
  • White — cleanliness, minimalism
  • Brown — natural, warm

2. Amazing New Accent Pieces

If it’s just a room or two that needs a little refresh, all you need is a few accent pieces to make a big difference.

A statement chaise, decorative storage space, or a new pendant light are the perfect finishing touches to an uninspired room.

If you already have a well-curated theme going, check out these designers to continue your look:

  • Article: Modern, refined pieces that pay homage to iconic mid-century looks.
  • Hooker Furniture: Elegant furnishings that nod to a classic style.
  • FLOYD: Functional and eclectic designs for the modern home.
  • Burrow: Sustainably made custom seating.

And if you’re not in need of a furniture overhaul, these smaller additions can make a really big difference to your dining, lounging, and culinary experiences:

  • The Lam Label: If you’re looking for unique artwork to don your shelves, look no further than these curated ceramic antiques!
  • Estelle Colored Glassware: These pastel-colored wine glasses are sure to elevate any girl’s wine night or evening in.
  • Society6: This artist’s marketplace is chock full of wall art and funky decor that’s perfect for upgrading any room in your home.
  • Great Jones: Add a little color and class to your kitchen with these essentials — their cast-iron Dutch oven is most popular.

3. A Backyard Boost

After spending long hours bingeing Netflix, puzzling, and trying new crafts, many of us in lockdown have recognized the importance of having a backyard space.

If your outdoor area is leaving something to be desired, do some freshening up with these easy fixes:

  • String lights add a bit of whimsy and create the perfect backdrop for a sunset cocktail hour.
  • Potted succulents are an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance solution to upgrade any patio.
  • Build a shed to house yard tools and unsightly appliances.
  • An outdoor rug helps tie your look together while keeping your space clean and polished.

4. Rethink Storage Solutions

Sometimes, all an undesirable space really needs is a little deep-cleaning, reorganizing, and restructuring.

Start the process by taking an inventory of clutter in the room. Are there lots of things left out on surfaces, or is it looking pretty minimalist?

If the answer is the former, you might want to consider adding some more sophisticated storage solutions.

A floating shelf, hideaway ottoman, some wicker baskets, or even renting secured self-storage are functional ways to free up space in an instant.

5. Infuse Your Personality

Ultimately, your house should be uniquely yours. By incorporating trinkets that remind you of your travels, photographs that encapsulate memories, or your own artwork, you can create a space that reflects your personality and passions.

If you’re feeling stuck, check out these fun projects to bring some more of you into your home:

  • Use Social Print Studio to easily print and frame photos from your social media profiles.
  • Find funky vintage collectibles at your local thrift shop, swap meet, or antique store.
  • Keep your favorite fresh flowers on display at all times — they’re beautiful and boost your mood!
  • Diffuse essential oils that relax or uplift you for a well-rounded vibe around the house.

Wrapping Up

You don’t need to go full-on demo day to revamp your space — with a few tweaks to paint color, furnishings, and accents, you’ll be well on your way toward building a home you’ll love!

How do you plan to elevate your space this summer? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.

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