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  1. 3 feet of water in basement from last week storm, is it safe to put on gas dryer and wash machine after a week of drying? thank you

    • Sorry for that, just hope it didn’t cause much damage besides those two appliances. They might work if they dry, but… The problem with electronic / electric components and gas controllers installed in those appliances is that they are not designed for being submerged in water. Unless you have a stackable set or they were elevated significantly during the flood, both appliances might have been compromised (or not respond at all if they were running at the time of the flood).

      What might happen over time (this is like with a flooded car) – their components, terminals, wiring that was submerged will start corroding. Rusty connections become loose and can produce an arc / fire / short (you could get electrocuted). Clothes dryer burner could also corrode, start producing Carbon Monoxide, corroding connections start leaking gas + electric arc…

      This might not happen, but it is very probable. I would definitely not use it.

      Did you try to contact your home insurance provider, or flood wasn’t covered in it?

      PS. If you know exactly the water line level, you can replace critical components that were submerged. Depending on the brand and design of the appliances it might be sometimes cheaper then a new set.

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