Balcony Railing Safety Code | Balcony Guardrails Safe for Children

House safety maintenance - climbable balcony guardrails are not permitted - watch your children

Do you have a balcony and small children running around the house? If so, before you start reading about the balcony railing safety code, make sure that they are not playing alone.
My children are already older and I don’t have to worry about them fitting in between the balcony railings. However, every time I inspect a property with guardrails that a small child can simply walk through or climb up, I get goose bumps.
Remember to inspect balcony railing periodically – it’s an important house maintenance schedule item!
Many associations / management companies responsible for older multi-unit condominium buildings and townhouses with […]

Stair Handrails and Guardrails Safety Issues

Stair Handrails and Guardrails Safety

With stair handrails and guardrails safety, it is the same concept as with many other requirements guiding our daily commute and we often believe these rules are created for others only, until we suddenly realize that there’s nothing to hold on to when gravity’s force pulls our body down the stairs with an increasing speed.
That’s why somebody came up with a list of rules for stair handrails and guardrails safety (click on each pictures for details):

Stair handrails and guardrails safety #1.
The stair handrails must be graspable, and the best shape / size to put your grip on must have a […]