Where to Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

Avoid installing plugin type carbon monoxide alarms in areas easily accessible by children

Before I explain where to install Carbon Monoxide detector alarm and show you recommended CO detector alarm locations in your home, let me list a few areas where CO detectors are not required. However, if they are required and you have them installed – make sure to put them on a house maintenance priority list.

Balcony Railing Safety Code | Balcony Guardrails Safe for Children

House safety maintenance - climbable balcony guardrails are not permitted - watch your children

Do you have a balcony and small children running around the house? If so, before you start reading about the balcony railing safety code, make sure that they are not playing alone.
My children are already older and I don’t have to worry about them fitting in between the balcony railings. However, every time I inspect a property with guardrails that a small child can simply walk through or climb up, I get goose bumps.
Remember to inspect balcony railing periodically – it’s an important house maintenance schedule item!
Many associations / management companies responsible for older multi-unit condominium buildings and townhouses with […]

Closet Fire | Closet Light Fixture Fire Hazards

Closet fire can be easily caused by a closet light fixture

Incandescent closet light fixtures can easily cause closet fire and this fire hazard is very often ignored by the home owner.
Is your closet light fixture safe? Keep reading so you can verify that it’s not going to cause any closet fire.
We rarely pay attention to our closet light fixtures for as long as they work. Stacking cardboard boxes and plastic bags filled with old clothing or Christmas gifts wrapping paper against that exposed, glowing light bulb can easily and pretty fast result in a closet fire.
Would you please go and […]