Patio Sump Pump Solutions

House walkout basements opening to a patio (or just a patio located below the grade) sometimes require a dedicated drainage system. A combination of a drain tile and / or sump pump ensures that moisture intrusion will not threaten the living space located at the same level; it will also prevent your patio from turning … Read more

Back-Up Sump Pump – it’s Always About Taking Chances

It’s in a human’s nature to believe that bad things happen only to others; unfortunately, reality works its own, unpredictable, and mysterious ways. Any time I see basements with a sump pump and no battery operated backup pump, especially finished basements, I always wonder about calculations. A battery operated sump backup pump starts around $300.00 … Read more

House Sump Pump – Have You Checked Yours Lately?

House Sump Pump
Pump in the hole / house sump pump, is just another component of our precious home that we tend to forget about. I know that for a fact because it’s a very popular item in the “servicing required” section of my inspection reports. Wake-up call from a broken house sump pump in your basement or crawlspace may be sometimes very painful (wet and expensive), so bare with me for a few minutes.
How an entire drainage system around and inside your property is designed will go into another post, for now I’m assuming that you don’t care what’s […]