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  1. The idea of using single receptacle for a sump pump (it should also have its own dedicated circuit) is to prevent the pump electrical circuit from being overloaded by any other electrical devices that somebody could plug in into the extra / duplex type outlet. Using anything (splitter, extension cords) between the receptacle and the sump pump cord plug might also void manufacturers warranty or cause the pump to malfunction. Splitters and extension cords could have lower ratings / parameters than the minimum required by the sump / back-up pump manufacturer and that of a regular electrical outlet. They also (very often) become loose when plugged into the wall receptacle and under the weight of the plugs, wiring, and sometimes heavy transformers cause damage to the terminals inside the outlet, causing it to short the circuit.
    That’s why sump pumps / back-up pumps are required to be plugged in directly into the electrical outlets. I would just ask for a few quotes from local electricians – if it’s just the matter of a single to duplex receptacle + double cover replacement, for an experienced professional it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

  2. My sump pump is plugged into an outlet with only 1 outlet. I have recently installed a back up system, that needs to be plugged in so the battery can re charge. I don’t want to pay an electrician, so can I buy a splitter to plug into the outlet that way I will have to outlets in one?

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