5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive


The bathrooms are exceptional places where exquisiteness and luxury in interior space design have become a mere necessity.

Every homeowner yearns to create a serene and sophisticated aura in their bathroom space and that’s why they choose luxurious décor elements to renovate a bathroom space.

Glass shower doors are among such décor elements whose presence truly revitalizes the entire outlook of the bathroom space. It is merely impossible to build a contemporary bathroom space in the absence of a gorgeous shower door.

Shower doors made of amazing contemporary glass are one of the few amazing décor ideas available at the disposal of modern-day homeowners.

Here are five cool ways through which every design enthusiast can make their bathroom radiate luxurious vibes and look pretty expensive without breaking the bank:

1. Choose Bathroom Tiles Wisely

The flooring is hard to ignore and beautiful flooring is impossible to ignore. There are tons of flooring options and tiles that homeowners can use to renovate the bathroom spaces.

These tiles play a key role in making the bathroom space look luxurious and the right tile choice can even make it look more spacious.

That’s why it is always recommended to choose bathroom tiles wisely.

A sense of coherency must be maintained in the overall décor theme of the bathroom space. After all, design coherency is what makes an interior space radiate, shine, and sparkle.

There are different kinds of tiles for different types of bathroom space and their designs and styles must be chosen with respect to a few key characteristics.

These include the size of the bathroom space, the preexisting décor theme, the color scheme, and the interior design.

2. Install Glass Shower Doors

The only décor element more important than flooring is the glass shower panel. A chic and stylish shower door truly steals the show and becomes the focal point of the bathroom space.

If you want to distract the eyes of the guests from other ordinary décor elements, adding in a glass shower door is the best solution.

These shower doors are made with high-strength modern-day tempered glass and designed to endure the tests of time.

Their strength and durability aren’t the only amazing characteristics of these modern shower doors as their contributions to augmenting the sense of sophistication in a bathroom space can never be undermined.

The contemporary shower doors made with glass are available in numerous shapes, sizes, and can even be customized as per the luxury design needs of the homeowners. Not only the shape and size of these doors can be customized but also the all-important glass.

Contemporary design enthusiasts get to choose from numerous glass options including rain glass, clear glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, and hammered glass for renovating their bathroom space.

These shower doors make it possible to maintain high standards of privacy without compromising the light transmission characteristics or aesthetics of the glass.

In addition to this, glass shower doors are also incredibly easy to clean and the popular styles of glass doors include bi-fold doors, pivot doors, curved doors, sliding doors, and many more.

There is always an exclusive type of door available for unique bathroom space and homeowners get to share the luxury to select the best type of door for injecting their bathroom space with a touch of class and sophistication.

3. Enhance Functionality with Glass Shelves and Cabinets

Bathroom tiles and shower doors surely augment the aesthetics and visual beauty of the bathroom space.

However, glass shelves and cabinets are designed to enhance functionality.

The contemporary bathroom is an all-inclusive interior space where there is no compromise on aesthetics, functionality, and visual beauty.

Chic and trendy elements such as glass shelves and cabinets make the bathroom space much more functional and help in creating a sense of luxury and sophistication.

These shelves and cabinets aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but are also sturdy and strong. Made to enhance functionality, these shelves are designed to endure the tests of time and provide long-term functionality solutions.

Available in numerous shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, there is a lot to explore in the modern-day bathroom shelving options.

There are also unique designs available such as multi-tier glass cabinets with a mirror whose presence makes your bathroom look apart.

4. Colorless Glass Tiles Backsplash

Now, here’s one idea that is not common to all and only the true lovers of exquisite design know about it.

The class of colorless glass tiles backsplash matches the sophistication of glass shower doors.

It is one such idea that can truly inject a new sense of elegance and class in your bathroom space and clearly exhibits your love for luxurious and extravagant design.

These backsplashes allow design enthusiasts to practice high-level creativity in redecorating and renovating their bathroom space.

Colorless glass tiles backsplash is another exceptional application of glass in contemporary interior design themes and is best suited for both small and large bathroom space.

The inclusion of backsplash not only augments the luxury and sophistication of bathroom space but also makes it look spacious and open.

That’s why these backsplashes are incredibly common in small bathrooms where there’s a dire need to create an illusion of increased space.

5. LED Mirror Makes Bathroom Look Extravagant

The last and final idea for making your bathroom look pretty luxurious and expensive is the addition of an LED mirror.

This is a décor idea whose exquisiteness and inventiveness is truly unparalleled.

LED mirrors are designed to illuminate the interior space and make it look the most spectacular.

The main benefit of adding such a décor element is that it helps you and your bathroom space look the best at all times.

LED mirrors present the homeowner with a creative way to illuminate the bathroom space and that’s the reason why it has become trendy in today’s world of interior décor.


So, you can either adopt a single cool idea such as installing an exceptional glass shower door, or use a combination of multiple cool ideas.

The goal is to make your bathroom space look luxurious and spectacular.

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