Decorating Tips To Spruce Up Your Rental


If you’re renting a property instead of owning it outright, then there may be certain restrictions on what you can and cannot do to it when it comes to decorating.

These may be stipulated in your rental agreement or verbally agreed with your landlord, but on the whole, it’s a given that it’s not your property, so you can’t simply go around making all the kinds of changes you would like as if you were in your own home.

However, there are lots of tips and tricks to get your rental property looking just how you please without having to do any major renovation works which may annoy your landlord or cost you a small fortune.

Take a look at our top 8 list below and spruce up your rental in a flash:

1. Add Fairy Lights

There’s something magical about fairy lights at Christmas, but you can also decorate your rental property and create a cozy space with a set wrapped around a plant or simply hung across your bedhead or around a mirror.

You don’t have to use plain white lights, you can add your own touch with pineapple or cactus shapes, for example, and they can be either mains powered or by battery.

2. Wrap Don’t Paint

Painting can be difficult to undo, especially if the landlord doesn’t like the color you’ve given to their kitchen cabinets or furniture. A handy alternative is vinyl wrap.

You can choose from a wide range of patterns, and all you need to do to transform the space is apply it to a smooth surface and cut.

The vinyl takes the shape of the item, and voila, you have brand new furniture in an instant.

3. Find A Fitting Fitting

Just because you can’t change the full lighting setup in your rental, you can, of course, simply unscrew and change the light fitting.

You can opt for something that sparkles and refracts light around the room or go for something contemporary and architectural that creates a focal point in the room and changes the whole mood.

4. Keep It Cheap

When you are buying furniture for your forever home, then there’s a real excuse to splash the cash on items that will last you for many years to come.

In a rental, though, you shouldn’t be bringing in lots of expensive items that may get ruined.

Instead, opt for flatpack furniture from places like Ikea, or even check out charity shops for well-maintained second-hand pieces of furniture.

5. Think About Storage

Sometimes rental places can begin to feel cluttered as you purchase more items but don’t have anywhere to store them.

This is where storage comes into play, as you can make items of furniture like coffee tables and poufs double-purposed.

A sideboard with drawers and cupboards not only looks nice, but you can tuck away so many items inside.

6. Linens And Throws

In a rental property, material throws, and table linens are your friend when it comes to putting a stamp of your own personality on the place.

A lovely tablecloth gives the area a boost of color whilst also protecting the table beneath from general wear and tear while you’re living there.

An old sofa or armchair can be brought to life and revitalized, too, with a colorful throw.

7. Bring The Outside In

One way to breathe life into a rental property is with pops of color from plants and shrubs. It immediately transforms the look and feel of a space and can lift the spirits too.

Smaller plants can be potted in the bathroom, or you can place a larger tree type in the main living spaces where it won’t be disturbed.

Don’t forget to water, or they won’t stay green for long!

8. Don’t Drill

Drilling into the walls of a rental property is sure to get you in trouble with the landlord unless you’ve been given permission, so try some no-drill hooks that adhere to walls, doors, and tiles and don’t leave a mark when removed.

You can hang your coats or towels on them, and they will stay stuck firm for many months.


If you’ve been thinking of decorating a rental property but were stumped for ideas, why not try out a handful of our suggestions above and transform your space?

The ideas are also perfect for anyone who is trying to decorate on a budget without affecting the main fixtures of the rental.

Don’t get on the bad side of your landlord, make small and simple changes that all add up to a big difference!

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