3 Creative Uses of Tile In Your Home


Tiles don’t have to just be used for a conventional floor or wall coverings.

There are plenty of other creative ways that you can use tiles to create effective features in your home that are both beautiful and practical.

There are also many innovative ways that you can use leftover tiles in your home so that they are not wasted.

1. Tile Tabletops

Tiles can be used to make a beautifully warm kitchen or outdoor tabletop that is both practical and stylish.

For a tabletop, natural tiles work best as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Brown or deep red quarry tiles are a good choice as they are hardwearing and functional.

Quarry tiles only need to be cleaned with soap and water and you can use a little acrylic sealant on them so that they repel water.

Slate and terracotta are also great choices for a tabletop and will bring a sense of rustic charm to your interior decor style.

2. Tile Headboards for the Bedroom

If you want to create a warm, Mediterranean look in the bedroom, then a tile headboard can make a real statement and be decorative too.

The traditional Greek-style tiles are a good choice, they are painted with beautiful, blue intricate patterns on a white background.

The tiles don’t have to match either — one of the main features of Mediterranean decor is non-uniform tiles, all with their own interesting unique design.

Provencal patterned tiles would work equally well for a tile headboard in the bedroom. Their warm colors will bring comfort and sunshine into your room.

3. Using Leftover Tiles

At the end of a tile project, it is common to have a number of leftover tiles. These tiles can be used as decorative coasters for your living room.

If you have plain tiles, you can use acrylic paint pens to create your own designs on them. You can also put family photos on your tiles and cover these with a spray sealant. All you need to do then is attach sticky felt pads to the bottom of your tiles.

If you have five leftover tiles, you could also use them to make an unusual tile planter in the shape of a simple box. This is an easy project for someone who is new to DIY, all you need is some epoxy resin to seal the tiles together.

Tiles don’t have to just be used on the floor, or on a bathroom wall. There are some wonderfully creative ways you can use tiles to make statement decorative pieces in your home.

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