How to Design a Calming Nursery


There’s nothing more exciting than bringing your newborn home for the first time from the hospital and showing them their nursery. As you plan to have a child or children, you want to create a calming environment for them to grow in. It’s inevitable that newborns will wake up in the middle of the night crying. However, you can do little tricks that will create a nursery that will provide comfort, peace, and happiness. To help you get started, here are design tips for creating a calming nursery your baby will love!


The color of your nursery will set the tone for the mood of the room. If you want to create a calming space, lean towards soft pastels and neutral colors that reflect light nicely. Sure, babies and toddlers can stain your walls as they grow older and begin reaching for the crayons. But, trying to mask wall imperfections with dark colors like navy blue will create an unsettling mood. To preview what wall colors will look best in your nursery, download paint-color apps that will allow you to take a picture of your room and get a sneak-peak of what different colors will look like as you begin to renovate your nursery!


To create a comfortable nursery, you’re going to need comfortable furniture. Find a comfortable rocking chair to make feeding time more relaxing or help your little one fall asleep during those restless nights. If you want your newborn to sleep soundly through the night, you’re going to want a bassinet that will offer the perfect sleep environment. Make changing diapers more bearable with a changing that table that easily stores diapers, baby powder, and wipes for your convenience! When designing your nursery, you want to keep yourself in mind, too. Happy and relaxed parents will calm your newborn as well, so invest in quality furniture that will make every stage of growing up pleasant and memorable.


You’ll be surprised at the number of clothes, toys, and books you’ll accumulate when you give birth to your newborn. People love shopping for those adorable baby shoes, onesies, and funny t-shirts. Before you know it, your nursery will be swamped with articles of clothing of all sizes. Creating ample storage space will reduce your stress and clearly organize every pair of pants, shirts, dresses, onesies, PJs, and sweatshirts by the correct size as your baby rapidly grows. With all the books you acquire, create a learning space in the corner that neatly stores crayons, papers, and bedtime stories. Throw those food stained bibs and tops in nursery bins that need to head off to the laundry room, and get storage shelves for those fuzzy stuffed animals and fun toys to reside.


Safety should be on the top of your mind when designing a calming nursery. How can you remain calm when your newborn’s in a hazardous environment? Always invest in a reliable baby monitor to keep a keen eye on your precious child during the night or nap time. You should also equip your nursery with carbon monoxide alarms and fire alarms in case a gas leak or fire were to ever occur. Babies are curious about the world around them and they often venture off unnoticed, exploring the surroundings around them. If your nursery is on the second floor, make sure you safely securing railings along your staircase to avoid any accidents. Additionally, purchase furniture that has dull edges or place padding along sharp corners of tables and other furniture to avoid any mishaps.


Similar to the wall color, lighting plays a vital role in creating a calming space for you and your newborn. During the day, allow bright natural light to flow in through the windows. However, the last thing you want is to stimulate your baby before bedtime with bright fluorescent lights. Invest in low-light fixtures that will allow you to change diapers during the wee hours of the morning while keeping your newborn sleepy. When it comes time for nap time, roll down blackout shades that will emulate the nighttime hours.

Getting Started

Now that you have these basic tips, it’s time to get started designing your nursery! If you don’t know where to begin, try using an interior design app that allows you to preview what furniture and other accessories will look like in a room. To make the most calming setting, always keep your baby and you and your spouse in mind to make child rearing enjoyable.

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