Deck Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


Whether you’re the proud owner of a new deck or looking to restore an old one, it’s essential to take proper care of your deck and outdoor area in general.

A well-maintained exterior can improve your curb appeal and impact the value of your property.

Aside from aesthetics, maintaining your deck is also essential for safety.

If done correctly, deck maintenance can provide the perfect outdoor area to spend time with friends and family and protect the structural integrity of your home.

Here are some helpful tips on how to clean and preserve your deck:

Repair Damages

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is to repair any damages that occur as soon as possible. This includes cracking, rotten wood, and splintering.

Catching these issues sooner rather than later will help you avoid more extensive and costlier repairs down the line.

Furthermore, delays in fixing certain types of damage can make them even harder to tackle later.

Get into the habit of regularly inspecting your deck for signs of wear and tear so that you can maintain its structural integrity and appearance for years to come.

For longevity and peace of mind, always use durable materials like helical piles for decks to help you get the most out of your investment.

Stain and Seal the Deck

Deck maintenance is important for beauty and durability, and one of the best ways to maintain a deck all year long is to stain and seal it.

Staining and sealing your deck helps repel water, dirt, mold, mildew, and grime while also preventing UV damage.

Besides protecting against weather-related issues, staining and sealing your deck can also extend its life by many years and leave it looking new, so investing in the right products can pay off in the long run.

You can reseal or stain your deck every two years or so to protect it from water damage, extreme temperatures, and pests.

Clean the Deck Regularly

Regularly cleaning your deck is an integral part of maintenance.

Not only does it make the area more aesthetically pleasing to spend time in, but it can also help protect the wood and extend its lifetime.

Depending on the type of wood and how heavily trafficked your deck is, you should consider giving it a good scrub at least once a season; this will help remove dirt and grime from between the boards, keeping them from weathering away.

Pressure washing effectively eliminates dirt and grime that builds up over time, although you should only use it on wood decks and not composite ones.

Another helpful method is to use oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach for cleaning.

Oxygen bleach doesn’t require rinsing and is a safer option for you and the environment.

It’s also important to sweep regularly to remove debris, such as leaves and other organic matter that can break down your deck’s material.

Inspect Regularly

One of the most important steps in proper deck care is regularly inspecting it.

Regular inspections can help identify and address any structural damage or environmental wear and tear early on before they create bigger problems down the road, including total deck collapse.

Ensure all hardware is properly secured, the frame and supports are in good condition, and check for any water accumulation or rot.

Catching a problem before it escalates can save time and expense in replacements and repairs and minimizes safety hazards such as collapse.


When it comes to deck maintenance, a little preventative care goes a long way toward preserving your investment.

Regularly checking for signs of rot or damage can help nip any issues in the bud before they become real problems.

You should also consider periodically cleaning, staining, and sealing. It’s essential to be proactive about maintenance and don’t wait until there is a problem to take action.

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