13 Trendy Home Decor Items That Will Bring Your House to Life


The home is your place of refuge from the world. It’s important to create a space that reflects who you are and inspires happiness.

That means going beyond just picking out furniture and décor items off a store shelf.

There are some cool and trendy things out there in the world of home decor–some more expensive than others–that will bring your house to life!

1. Geometric Coffee Table

The coffee tables are the focal point in many living rooms. A geometric coffee table is a perfect way to add personality and creativity into your space while still being practical for everyday use.

These look awesome in the living room as a meeting point for your guests or in the bedroom as a place to rest your coffee mug while you read. The geometric design is also perfect if you are looking for ways to play with color and add brightness into space on an otherwise monochrome palette.

Cover the floor under the table with floral or shaggy area rugs to add texture.

2. Vintage Dresser

A vintage dresser can be the perfect addition to your bedroom. The dressers are usually larger and more durable than other types of furniture, so they make for great nightstands.

You can even use them as TV stands in an office or living room!

It is also the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch with some of your favorite photos. Besides, dressers create a stylish look at the entrance of your home.

3. Brass Planters

Incorporating brass planters or other metallic items into the design will create an instant sense of luxury and sophistication, as well as give your home that sought-after wow factor.

They are also perfect for displaying plants indoors without worrying about them not getting enough light. Also, they are perfect for corners and stairs.

4. Lanterns

Creating a cohesive look with your home decor can be tricky. So, if you want to take your style up a notch without breaking the bank on new furniture or accessories, adding vintage-inspired lanterns is a low-cost and easy way for an instant upgrade. These are available easily and inexpensively.

5. Console Table

Opt for an old-fashioned console table for a modern yet formal aesthetic and then hang contemporary abstract art above it. Hang some portraits against the wall to complete your gallery.

The console table is a nice touch to any room. It’s the perfect place for your decor and other small items that you want out of the way but still in view at all times.

A console table also provides excellent decoration with just one or two pieces on top, such as lamps, vases, frames.

6. Antique Frames

To decorate the walls and give them some personality, try framing some of your favorite items. This is a great way to show off all the cool things you have collected or been given from loved ones over time, as well as any special photos that mean a lot to you and tell your story.

Moreover, ranging in many different shapes, colors, and textures, antique frames are a great way to add personality to your home decor.

Framing some of the special pieces that make up your memories is one way you can tell your story or create an atmosphere throughout your space while still being on trend with this popular design choice.

7. Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your room is an excellent way of making it look larger. Mirrors reflect light, which in turn helps make the room brighter.

Try using large mirrors with ornate frames or small mirrors in different shapes and sizes to add more drama.

Mirrors reflect light, which in turn helps brighten up your home decor. Besides, mirror stickers are also in trend nowadays. They are easy to apply and affordable.

8. Rugs for Pattern and Texture

A little bit of texture and pattern goes a long way in home decor. Consider adding some rugs to your space for visual interest, warmth, and comfort!

They are also a perfect choice to add personality to a room. Rugs also give your space a cozy, warm, and homey feel.

Some rugs can be really expensive, but there are plenty of affordable options available too. Bamboo mats, jute mats, or a sheepskin rug will add an earthy feel to space in addition to being beautiful and cozy. For some oriental flair, you may want to get wool rugs with a cut-out pattern.

9. Wicker Furniture for the Backyard

Wicker looks nice and elegant. It’s also durable and weather-resistant if you get the right kind of wicker furniture. A patio or backyard is never complete without an outdoor settee by your poolside!

They also look amazing on the terrace. You can get them at a price range to suit the budget of every individual, whether it’s high or low!

10. Scented Candles

Candles are the classic 60’s decor trend. They’re one of the most versatile decoration items you can have in your home.

The best part is that they come in various scents, from fruity to woody, floral, and even spicy! Place scented candles in your living room, kitchen, dining area, or even your bedroom.

It’ll make the space look and feel cozier and smell amazing.

11. A Colorful Couch

The couch is comfortable and cozy. They’re also a great way to tie in the color scheme of your home decor.

For example, if your living room is primarily blue and white, you should get a light teal or deep seafoam couch! If you have orange walls with silver accents, it would be best to buy an orange one.

12. Flowers

Flowers are always an interior trend! They’re a great way to make your living room feel more welcoming and lighthearted.

Flowers also have the added benefits of being natural air purifiers, perfect for those with allergies or asthma! Also, decorate your home with fresh or faux flowers.

13. Tribal Pattern Cushions

Cushions look so cozy and inviting on your couch! They’re a great way to bring texture into an otherwise bland space.

They are also so cheap, easy to change out, and the patterns available will match any home decor style or color scheme.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to bring your home to life, and we’ve highlighted 12 trends that will help you do just that.

Whether it be a new furniture piece or something as simple as adding some color with decor items like rugs for your home, you can find the perfect style for any room in your house.

These trending styles will come back year after year, so don’t worry about investing too much – these items have staying power!

Which of these trendiest pieces would make sense in YOUR space?

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