Biggest Apartment Décor Trends for 2021 & Beyond


As we move through 2021, we cannot help but keep thinking about countless ways to make our living space better, friendlier, and more accommodating!

Here are the biggest interior apartment décor trends for 2021 and beyond:

Go for Textured Furniture

Over the last year, people have been trying to resurface a renaissance touch on blank surfaces during the pandemic, such as the walls and glass panes.

Even wallpapers have a touch of three-dimensional, beautifully integrated as smart wallpaper ideas.

You can include fluted glass panes and flat-fronted cabinets, drawers, desks, and wardrobes.

Include Some Statement Vases

When it comes to apartment décor, you must pay attention to the slightest details, such as the inclusion of statement vases. Look around you; you might have forgotten the existence of your vases altogether after having bestowed them with the job of holding flowers.

Believe us when we tell you that statement vases are potent enough to transform the entire vibe and feel of your apartment.

Go for bright, bold, and oversized vase designs. Don’t be shy to include some unusual-shaped vases inside your house for an entire apartment uplift.

Go All In as a Maximalist

We recommend that you ditch the once-popular trend of going minimalistic in favor of going as a maximalist, especially if you are a fan of colorful décor. You can go all-in while mixing and blending beautiful contrast patterns on your walls but also on the furniture.

You can harmonize and tone down the electric mix with mono-colored bedsheets, rugs, and window curtains. To integrate playful layers inside your apartment, we recommend opting for large-scaled wall decorations embedded with small-scaled details that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and mind.

Warm & Earthy Toned Paintings

When it comes to decorating the walls of your apartment, you can keep up with the trend of including warm and earthy tones that express earthy neutrals. Suppose you don’t want to indulge with the neutral shade of grey.

In that case, you can include sandy shades for the interior palette, which also eliminates a sense of boredom that you would naturally have when surrounded by grey.

Go Green!

Have you heard about the psychological impacts of paints/ colored walls? When it comes to walls, we recommend that you choose carefully which color you want them to be slathered with. If you are suffering from the pandemic blues, you are not alone!

Besides the increased popularity of biophilic interior décor, green walls are trending on number one and gained massive popularity, especially amongst the apartment dwellers. Science has proven the cathartic, calming, and soothing impacts of the color green.

The color green doesn’t only calm a fast-beating heart but also curbs anxiety and stress. Green also provides a sense of connection with nature, which we all have been missing out on lately due to the pandemic.

Live as Nature & Eco-Friendly as Possible

When it comes to apartment rentals, your options usually depend on your financial condition and lifestyle preferences. For instance, sometimes we settle in weird neighborhoods as it is near to our workplace, and we won’ have to bear extra travel expenses.

However, once you start living inside an apartment, you are in complete control of how you set things up and what kind of lifestyle you adapt inside the apartment. The pandemic has pushed us to create eco-friendly habits, understand the importance of outdoor spaces and nature.

There has been a massive shift towards re-evaluating consumptions and controlling waste. You can ensure to reduce the use of plastic at home and make eco-friendly choices.

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