3 Ways To Get Free Shed Plans | Blueprints For Woodworking Projects


3 Ways To Get Free Shed Plans

Free shed plans floor frame detailFree shed plans and blueprints have many benefits for anyone attempting to start a garden shed project. Unless you are a professional carpenter experienced in building sheds for a living, you will need some kind of a plan; step by step instructions that will guide you through the entire garden / storage shed construction project.

You can find various resources that will provide you with free shed plans and blueprints. For somebody without any experience, starting out with this first woodworking project, just looking at it may be scary. Don’t worry, there is always a first time in everything, and in most cases those free shed plans are designed in a way that even a novice can understand.

Where can you find free shed plans?

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  • Free shed plans at local lumber yards and home improvement stores.

They often provide customers with free shed plans to compliment material purchase for the entire project or simply as an advertisement of a shed kit. They may have a few standard, free shed plans in stock and will usually be able to provide the materials for each one of them (on site or through the special order).

  • Do you have any drawing skills, an idea about the look of your garden shed?

You can try to sketch it on a piece of paper and take it to a local building supplies store or a lumber yard. Some of them are equipped with computer design software that might be able to render your drawings, or based on your idea draft up some free shed plans for you. In some cases that “free” part might require a commitment, a promise that you purchase wooden shed materials from their store.

  • This list wouldn’t be complete without the third free shed plans source – the Internet

My shed plans concrete foundation detailsMy shed plans foundation detailsMy shed plans step by step instructionsThere are many websites offering free shed plans just for asking (MyShedPlans.com is one of them). Not because of their generosity, simply because they have another paid product you may be attracted to after examining their free shed plans.

The paid offer following free item is usually connected to it or in some cases that “free” thing may even depend on the paid product. In case of free shed plans from MyShedPlans.com you don’t need anything else if you have some previous experience with carpenter & woodworking tools. Their free shed plans include detailed material list and step by step instructions on how to proceed with the entire project.

My shed plans provides thousands of different wood project blueprintsMy shed plans bonuses include many different projects including birdhousesIf you are 100% new in the carpentry trade My Shed Plans paid product will leave no stone unturned. Their package contains an entire woodworking guide (tools, techniques, materials, etc.), preparation instructions covering different types of shed foundation, literally thousands of plans / blueprints for sheds, barns, garages, fences, and all kinds of other small and big woodworking projects.

You may be looking for some free shed plans today but tomorrow it could a new fence, patio table, or a chair.

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Maybe you’d like to build a bird house with your kids, a play house, or something as simple as a shelving unit – it’s all in free shed plans, everything in a single, huge package for a very small investment.

No need to search for another collection of wooden projects in the future. There’s also no risk involved in their offer: you have full 60 days to evaluate this package and in case this isn’t what you’re looking for, they’ll give you money back.

Free shed plans are just the beginning…

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