How to Create The Perfect Entertaining Space


Our homes are amazing places to host gathering for friends, family, and loved ones!

But when you are entertaining others, you need to make sure your space is functional, accommodating, and inviting.

While you don’t have to go all out creating the perfect entertaining space, thinking about your home when it comes to guests can elevate your hosting experience.

From simple things like your lighting to having enough seating, you can really have some fun preparing your home to entertain guests!

Here are some ways you can create the perfect entertaining space:

Inviting Entrance

The first thing your guests will see when they visit your home is your entrance – so make sure it’s inviting!

Clear away clutter and make sure there is enough room for your guests to remove and store their coats and shoes.

You can add some seating, like a small bench, to make this task easier for your guests.

Add some color and design to your entrance with a boldly colored rug and decor. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch as well!

On the outside of your home, add a nice doormat, hang some lanterns for extra light, and make sure your house number stands out if guests have never visited before.

Eating and Dining Zones

Whether you are serving casual finger foods or a full-course meal, you need a space where guests can eat comfortably.

Inside your home, you can renovate your kitchen to create a more accommodating space that allows guests to dine, such as a kitchen island or large dining area.

You can also designate multiple dining zones throughout the space to sit, relax, and eat with your friends and family.

To create the perfect entertaining space, you also need ample room to cook and prepare food or serve it buffet-style.

Bar Area

You can easily set up a bar area in your home by using a bar cart, wine fridge, or even a designated shelf in your living room where you can display and create signature drinks.

Keep your bar area well stocked with a variety of options – you can even create your own drinks menu for a unique touch!

If you want your guests to serve themselves, make sure your bar area is in an open area.

For those who prefer entertaining without alcohol, you can always use this space for preparing non-alcoholic drinks or even coffee.

Plenty of Seating

When you are creating the perfect entertaining space, don’t forget to offer your guests plenty of seating!

You want to make sure your guests feel cozy, comfortable, and relaxed in your home.

Choose seating options for your kitchen and living that provide comfort and work with the room’s layout.

Make sure to position chairs and couches, so they face one another. This will encourage guests to talk and socialize.

You can also set up different seating zones, much like in your kitchen – use kitchen island seating, window seats, ottomans, and more.

Indoor Outdoor Flow

If you are entertaining both inside and outside of your home, make sure there is a flow between these two areas.

This will create an open environment that allows guests to move freely between the exterior and interior of your home.

It will also allow you, as the host, to move easily inside and outside if you are hosting a dinner party on your deck or in the garden.

This may mean utilizing your patio door or creating a marked path from the door to the area of your yard where you are entertaining.


Lighting can change the overall look and feel of a room or space and can change the mood by making your guests feel more relaxed and comfortable.

When you are creating an entertaining space, think about the lighting you want to use.

For instance, you should avoid overly bright lights and include lots of warm, low-level lighting from a range of sources, such as table lamps and wall lights.

Outside, look into different lighting options for your deck or patio. You can really create a magical and amazing atmosphere by using the right lights!

Outdoor Space

If you do plan on entertaining your guests outside during a beautiful summer evening, it’s important to give this area of your home some care as well.

Again, make sure there is plenty of seating and warm lighting to help your guests feel at ease.

If you are serving a meal outside, ensure that there are tables where guests can sit and eat.

Here are some more wonderful tips for decorating your outdoor living space!

Let’s Party!

Creating the perfect entertaining space is a great way to make your gathering special and memorable.

It’ll be an event your guests will never forget!

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