Eavestrough Repair Or Replacement: Which Is Better For You?


Eavestroughs or gutters are crucial aspects of your roofing; they sit along your roof’s edge, and their work is to collect rain and melted ice or snow.

A well-installed eavestrough contains the water, passes it through the downspouts, and directs it away from your home.

Unfortunately, eavestroughs can get damaged by too much debris, strong winds, heavy snow, or other causes.

This situation causes water to leak inside your home, leading to issues like mold growth, roof rotting, flooded yards, and dirty marks on the wall.

However, despite the problems, it can be hard to determine whether to repair or replace your eavestrough.

On one side, you don’t want to spend more money on something you can fix for a fraction of the price.

On the other hand, you don’t want to spend money on repairs that won’t last due to potential issues with the eavestrough.

Luckily for you, this post will discuss when a repair or replacement is the best option. Take a look!

When Eavestrough Repairs Is The Best Option

Eavestrough repairs are the perfect option when you notice only small areas in your system need attention. Issues in your eavestrough that need repairs include:

Cracks or Holes

Cracks are prominent issues in your gutter system. Small cracks and holes allow easy repairs without needing to replace your system.

Therefore, you should regularly inspect your system to identify these issues early on and fix them.

Otherwise, they may escalate to significant problems that even professionals can’t fix, resulting in a replacement. If you can’t repair the minor cracks and holes, contact the professionals as they will fix the cracks and identify other underlying issues.

You can also browse the internet to learn more about eavestroughs and how they’re repaired.

Clogged Gutters

Regularly clean and maintain your gutter system to prevent damage caused by clogs. If you have a clogged eavestrough, you can call a professional to handle it or do the unclogging yourself.

But if the clogs have caused significant damage like bends and cracks, replacing them may be the best option.

Fallen Screws

This is a common issue affecting eavestrough systems. It’s mainly due to heavy snow, strong winds, or poor installation.

You can quickly solve this problem by replacing the screws or scheduling a professional repair service.


Leaks are more common in sectioned gutters. They’re mainly due to poor installation or loose joints. A sealant or a professional repair service can solve this.

When Eavestrough Replacement Is The Best Option

Depending on the type of material, your eavestrough can last up to 20 years for aluminum options.

On the contrary, copper can last more than 50 years. Your eavestrough needs replacement if you notice the following signs or issues.

Rotten Parts

Rot, rust, and corrosion are clear signs of decay. They indicate that your eavestrough is nearing the end of its lifespan.

The best solution is to replace your entire system before the existing one falls apart.

Sectioned gutters can allow the replacement of the affected parts without taking down the whole structure.

However, once you observe multiple corrosion points throughout the system, be sure to replace them entirely.


If your eavestroughs are overflowing, there are numerous reasons for this occurrence.

The primary and common reason is that your eavestroughs can’t hold large amounts of rainfall or melted ice and snow.

In such cases, replacing your gutters is the only solution. Overflowing can also be due to poor installation or debris build-up inside the downspout. A professional repair service can help fix this.

Sagged and Unstable Gutters

If your eavestroughs are bending at odd angles or are inappropriately positioned, consider replacing the system with one that fits your home’s layout.

Custom-made eavestroughs are the best to ensure your system remains attached to the roof.

Mold and Mildew Growth

The main job of your eavestrough is to direct water away from your home. If the system is damaged, water starts flowing over your walls.

Consequently, this causes moisture to infiltrate the house, causing dampness, which eventually causes mold to grow.

In such a case, consider replacing your eavestrough system to prevent water and mold into your home.

Water Sitting on Your Eavestrough

If the water fails to flow down the system, the issue may be the system’s slope, which can be readjusted.

However, this problem could also be caused by a manufacturing mishap, meaning the whole system is faulty. In such a case, replacing your system is the only option.

The Bottom Line

Deciding whether to repair or replace your eavestrough isn’t a walk in the park. A lot of factors have to be considered before making the final decision.

Generally, eavestrough repairs are the best option when minor issues affect your system.

On the other hand, eavestrough replacement is necessary when significant or numerous problems arise and if you’ve carried out multiple repairs but issues still recur.

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