4 Design Details To Think Through During A Remodel


Remodeling a home is a sizable undertaking. With everything that’s going into the project, it’s easy for some things to fall through the cracks.

Below are a few design details to keep in mind when planning and executing a remodel:

1. Smart Fixtures

Newer, more innovative smart home technology connects your house directly to the convenience of the future.

However, you’ll first need to be able to connect to it. To make incorporating it within the home easier, consider the layout of socket outlets and any additional circuits ahead of time

 Doing so could make accessing it a breeze and save time down the road, especially if electrical work is already on the table.

While typically wireless, these various devices may require installation, which should be accounted for before putting on the final touches.

For example, a wireless camera doorbell may call for the door siding to be cut or adjusted.

In such instances, you’ll want to install it in advance of painting to avoid repeated work.

Plan accordingly for any smart speakers, interfaces, and lighting you want to integrate well before the project is already underway.

2. Layer the Lighting

Speaking of lighting, it’s very helpful from a design standpoint to consider how you will layer it beforehand.

What is layered lighting? Essentially, it’s lighting that comes from more than one source in the room.

The goal is to make the room warmer and more inviting by eliminating the shadowing that inevitably harshens a room. 

To do this, consider adding task lights, hanging lights, and even some table or floor lamps throughout the room.

This works to bring in light from all different directions while also making it easier to adjust the atmosphere by dimming or turning off lights as needed. 

3. Storage Space

Almost every remodel would be remiss to forget the importance of storage.

Whether expanding a hall closet, adding in a broom cupboard, or incorporating built-in shelves in the master bedroom closet, extra storage spaces should be part of your design plans.

As you determine a new design, or maybe even a future layout, be sure to plan a place to house all the gear that goes along with a house. 

For best results, start by evaluating the allotted space. Be sure to account for large items, like vacuums and ironing boards, as well as how the room can best meet your family’s needs.

Doing so may help identify gaps and, ultimately, improve the home’s functionality well before the space has been finalized.

4. Clean Lines

Another benefit of having plenty of storage space is that you can achieve cleaner lines.

When there aren’t a lot of items left in sight, the home can show off clean, tight profiles that give any room a more polished look.

One room in particular that pops with clean lines is the kitchen.

Often one of the subjects of a remodel, the kitchen typically looks neater with continuous lines going down from the cabinets and along the countertop, with an eye-catching backsplash sitting perfectly flush.

Why are clean lines so important? Jagged, unaligned edges may make the room read as messy on a subconscious level.

They could also make a DIY or remodel job look less appealing and take away from the whole effect of the endeavor.

Whether you’re after a traditional look or going for modernist minimalism, keep the final lines in mind to make each room look its best.

Getting the Most Out of Your Hard Work

No matter the size of a project, putting significant effort into the planning and design phase can go a long way in making it an astonishing success.

It can also help save time and money by getting everything done right the first time.

Keep these design details and others like them in mind when taking on an upcoming home remodeling project of your own!


Author bio: Nicole Franco is the owner of Nicole Franco Interior Design, a full-service interior design firm. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry and focuses on building collaborative partnerships with her clients and contractors to create heart-felt designs.

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