Australian Home Living: Choosing the Right Fire Pit


Australians are people who have a love affair with their outdoor spaces – and they’re proud of it!

As you can expect, barbequing and backyard sports are integral parts of the outdoor fun, both with family and friends, so entertaining is a given throughout the warm days of the year.

The pleasant Australian climate certainly plays its role in this, with lots of sunny days making things favorable for the outdoor lifestyle.

However, cold, rainy, and windy days aren’t a rare sight either, which can interfere with people’s backyard, balcony, or patio party plans.

If you do like the challenge, though, and aren’t afraid to put your creativity to the test in coming up with strategies to extend the “terrace season”, make sure heating is part of them.

Considering the market is abundant in practical outdoor fire pit options, you don’t have to fear your limited entertaining area or installation hurdles would come between you and the outdoor fun.

There’s the ideal pit for you in the exact size, type, style, material, and finish that you need! You just have to know how to find it, pay attention to the right factors, and ask the right questions.

What Kind of Fuel Do You Prefer?

While nothing beats wood fire pits for that real fire crackling experience, not everyone is a fan or has the conditions for them.

This is why, before anything else, you ought to start with the fuel decision. If you feel more inclined towards the traditional wood fire source, keep in mind you’d have to know how to start the fire, as well as how to maintain it. Getting the wood supply and storing it is another consideration.

Be sure to also check the laws and regulations for your specific state and region, and keep safety your top priority by not surrounding the pit with anything within close range that could be a fire hazard, like property lines, an outdoor rug or furniture, and pergola.

Smoke may be an issue too, so look into it to make sure it won’t be a nuisance to your neighbors, otherwise, you might be a step close to a legal matter.

In case you like the feel minus the hassle, then you’ve got the ethanol outdoor fire pit design. It can provide you with several benefits, including cost-efficiency throughout the use, simple and mess-free heating with real-burning flames that offer a great deal of heat, versatility in the models, easy installation, and eco-friendliness.

Since it’s smokeless and doesn’t emit dangerous particles, you have the flexibility to alternate between outdoor and indoor use.

Those who aren’t held back by the budget could browse through natural gas, propane, and electric heaters too.

Aside from the higher costs, the downside is that with the gas heaters you might require professional help with the installation.

How About the Size You Need?

Since there are small, medium, large and extra-large models of fire pits Australia designer shops and retailers can provide you with, you’d have to consider the size carefully so you avoid ending up with the wrong heating source for your outdoor oasis.

This is particularly a crucial factor if you don’t have a huge backyard at your disposal.

The space of the yard or patio should be larger than the pit and there should be the right amount of space, at least three meters surrounding the pit for it to be considered safe and usable.

Limited spaces like balconies can benefit from the small designs like the tabletop ethanol pits that are really efficient and can burn up to 11 hours. You can fit them on any table, no matter how small, and still benefit from the warm flame experience.

For something bigger, at the size of a small coffee table, for instance, you could fit in a medium-sized outdoor fire pit that’s suitable for more people around.

The large model is perfect for large yards respectively, and you can think of them as the ideal focal point year-round.

The last option, which is the extra-large, is about the size of a dinner table so it’s more of a choice that’s created for particularly spacious homes where entertaining is a common occurrence.

So, besides the usable space, choosing the size depends on your partying too – specifically the number of people you normally accommodate.

And the Material?

Now, this factor isn’t merely important for the stylish reasons because materials all have their essence in how long the fire would burn and how long they would last.

Heavy-duty concrete, stainless steel, and cast iron are among the most desired choices for these very reasons. Concrete and stainless steel are very lightweight, and easy to move around as you choose, whereas cast iron, although heavy, is beneficial for spreading heat efficiently.

There’s another interesting player that’s also trendy and that’s copper yet even though it looks stylish, it can provide you with a lot of upkeep to keep the green patina away from ruining the appearance.

For the least amount of hassle with maintenance, however, you might want to consider getting a steel fire pit for sale that’s got a pre-rusted finish that looks amazing.

It’s also an option you won’t have to worry about getting rust with time!

Lastly, Would You Like Some Accessories?

There’s no doubt the fire pit is the main purchase you’d get to make for your lovely outdoor space. However, this purchase wouldn’t be complete without the handy accessories made to enhance your experience.

Depending on what you’re interested in, whether it’s protecting your latest addition from the harsh elements, or repurposing it for cooking as well, there’s a range of tools you can choose from, like the neat fire pit coverings, and stainless steel grills.

The cover can even help out with protecting your fire from winds, and rain, as you continue enjoying the company outside. The grill doesn’t need more explanation because it would easily boost the pit’s role as a focal point of the place.

Nice and warm fire, with food cooked on it? Seriously, can it get any better than this?! Well, some might find the addition of a campfire popcorn maker, fire pit tongs, and marshmallow forks as the cherries on top, others don’t.

Whichever you feel describes you more is all fine, just don’t forget to also acquire and keep a fire extinguisher nearby as a safety precaution.

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