7 Design Ideas To Help You Transform Your Backyard


During the warmer days, all you want to do is to sit in your backyard, drink a glass of lemonade and relax

However, it’s been years since you moved into the house and your backyard is crying out for help.

You aren’t sure where to start and hiring a professional to transform the entire yard may be very expensive.

You search for many ideas of how you can remodel your yard, but you can’t decide what’s the most convenient way.

So, in order to make your decisions easier, we are giving you seven design ideas that you can use to help you transform your backyard into a sanctuary:

1. Install Composite Decking

Before you start remodeling the entire backyard, you should start with the decking. Nowadays, the composite decking price is around £1600 ($2800) as it has become very popular for transforming your garden because of its many benefits.

It requires low maintenance and you won’t be spending too much money on repairs, unlike other decking materials.

Depending on the size and complexity of the area, the transformation of your garden should take no more than 3 days.

Since no one wants to spend months remodeling or spending extra money, 3 days for installing composite decking should be enough.

2. Refurnish the Patio

Next in line is the patio. It is probably where you would be spending most of the time in your garden.

Things you can do are provide extra seating so you can invite more friends over, replace the cushions with more vibrant colors, or even build an outdoor fireplace to get warm during chilly nights.

The thing about the patio is that it should be cozy and inviting.

You can also add ambiance with decorative lighting over the seating area or all over the backyard.

Some examples of decorative lighting are string lights, hanging lights and spotlights.

3. Build a Swimming Pool

If you have a big unused space in your yard, you can use it to build a pool. It can transform a dull-looking backyard into a virtual paradise.

The problem with them is that they may be very expensive to build, depending on the type and size.

However, there are many tutorials for DIY swimming pools that you can look for on the Internet, so don’t hesitate to call your friends to come and help you with this project because once you build it everyone would benefit from it.

Plus, you will all get to stay cool during the hot summer days.

4. Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

Another cool thing to have in your yard is an outdoor kitchen. This is very useful because you wouldn’t have to go into the house for everything that you need from the kitchen.

Instead, you would have the essentials right there in your backyard.

You can have an outdoor refrigerator, a built-in grill, some cabinets, or even an outdoor bar.

Having an outdoor kitchen makes cooking easier because it keeps the smell outside and believe it or not, it awakens your inner chef, saving you money on eating out.

5. Plant a Garden

What is a backyard without flowers? There are many ideas on how you can rearrange your flowers in creative ways.

For example, you can grow a fruit tree in a pot, hang up some flower-filled planters on each side of your patio or you can even create a wooden plant display with all kinds of flowers.

If you have a pallet, you can decorate it with tiny clay pots attached to it with herbs like rosemary and basil.

6. Construct a Pergola

If you have many plants in your garden, having a pergola would serve as a helping hand to the lovely landscaping features.

Pergolas have a unique beauty and provide elegance to your garden.

Remember those flower-filled planters that we mentioned earlier? Well, you could hang them on the pergolas to create a more welcoming look.

They also provide shade during warm sunny days, are very long-lasting, and require low maintenance.

You can even combine the composite decking with the pergola which would make your backyard even more beautiful.

7. Set Up a Playground for Your Children

If you have young children, one of the best ways to engage them in outdoor activities is by building a playground in the backyard.

Having one makes life easier because you don’t have to take your children to the park all the time.

Building a tiny treehouse or setting a trampoline can occupy your children while you are doing some yard work nearby.

It also increases the social interaction of children with other neighbors.

Transform Your Backyard

The main idea with the backyard is to make you feel relaxed, especially during uneasy times like these, so constructing the perfect backyard setting will come a long way.

Transforming everything from the flooring of the porch to the patio to your garden can give you a sense of tranquility and pleasure.

Also, if you want to host dinner parties and other get-togethers with your neighbors and friends, you could do that right there in your own backyard using your new outdoor kitchen, under the perfect lighting, and not worrying about your children getting bored when they would have plenty to do.

So, use these ideas and turn your backyard into that peaceful oasis you have been longing for for a long time.

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