Tips on Choosing the Right Area Rug Design


Rug shopping can be stressful and exhausting if you haven’t decided on the concept and style you’ll be implementing in the home decoration.

Establishing a concept can help you in the long run, while following certain guidelines and design schemes that can be easily implemented in any home design concept.

Whether you are following a particular interior design concept or just selecting one rug to add definition and color to an already established decor, there are a few things that you need to have in mind.

Choosing the right area rug design is an essential decorative accessory that will bring elegance, casual or modern look personality, and warmth to a room.

Check some of our tips when shopping for an area rug that you will just love and adore:

Choose The Rug Style

Whimsical rugs are the right choice for the kids’ room! The colors, patterns, woodland creatures, and distinctive designs are suitable for the kids’ area.

There are countless rug design patterns and prints from which you can choose. If you are opting for a rug that is going to last, there are a few things to consider.

Will you be placing the rug in the hallway? Or in a high-traffic area?

In either instance, you will prefer one that is going to last, that’s easy to clean, and durable. Materials like seagrass or wool are the preferred options. 

Rugs with larger typographic characters and colorful prints will complement a retro style, while rugs with stripes and abstract schemes will suit more modern-designed environments.

Always trust your instincts since you are the person that knows your sense of style better than anyone else.

Determine the Pattern

A boldly patterned rug can define the area in the room and give its scent of modernism and style.

Oftentimes, people like to go with antique and retro carpets and rugs but choosing free-contemporary designs and patterns will do the thing!

Choosing the right area rug will depend on the pattern most of the time. Selecting the right texture, color and pattern is a personal matter.

Whenever you are buying one consider whether your room is formal or informal, so you can choose either bold patterns or plain striped designs.

If your area rug is going to be the dominant feature in your house, choose a rug with distinctive patterns and color combinations.

Use different shades and complement the rugs in the other rooms with the design patterns in your living room.

Otherwise, if you tend to give your rug less importance and you want to emphasize other elements like the curtains or the furniture, you can never go wrong with neutral colors and plain patterns.

Determine the Size

When rug purchasing, it’s essential that you know your space around the house and plan perfectly the size the rug will cover.

You can always start with something practical and then do all of the decoration, however, you need to consider the architecture of your house and whether the rug will fit like intended.

Are door swings or doorways that you need to have in mind? Is there any place in the house that you don’t want to be covered?

Choosing a rug that will completely cover a particular area it’s not a smart idea.

One of the most common measures when choosing the size of the rug is to make sure it runs under all four feet of the furniture.

Or go with a smaller one that only runs the front feet.

Afterward, you can decide the design that will suit the size so it won’t look like it’s cut off or the design it’s not finished or tiny-looking.

Consider Multiple Colors Design

By following the trends, we are familiar with the multiple color designs that took off their popularity in the previous years – and they are not planning on stopping here!

Rugs with multiple colors are recommended for modern and trendy home decor styles that will bring a definite feature of a living area and have quite a big impact on the entire style.

If you decide to go with a graphic statement rug or something simpler, you need to understand your design preference and design vision so you can choose the colors.

Among the most popular colors that can be combined are purple and green, blue navy and rose gold, navy and teal, and maroon and peach.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Design

In addition to all of the above, you can pick a rug pattern that will complement your wall color, or match the furniture.

But, do not forget the type of material since it is a crucial feature.

Think of the area where you will place the rug and then choose the right material, whether is a wool area rug or a silk one.

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