Attic Black Mold and How to Prevent or Stop it from Growing

Black mold growing in the attic does not necessarily cause your house air contamination. However, mold usually becomes an issue when discovered during the home inspection. In addition, depending on the attic mold contamination extent, correcting the problem could make a significant hole in your budget.

Crawlspace Mold, Ventilation and Insulation

Let’s wrap it up; Crawlspace Mold, Ventilation and Insulation is the last of my Crawlspace Inspection posts and I’ll take care of the items 9 & 10 from my Top 10 list. They are somewhat correlated, at least partially. Top TEN Crawlspace Problems:
1. Cracked foundation / possible structural problems
2. Leaking foundation
3. Drainage problems / flooding crawlspace
4. Plumbing components issues – leaking water supply lines, drain pipes, crawlspace water heater installation problems
5. Heating system issues
6. Electrical components issues
7. Floor framing and structure support issues
8. Structural pest infestation – those are […]

Mold is Everywhere and Some of it Could be Toxic

I’ve been fighting my personal allergies for years now and – unfortunately – come up with rather poor results. Crawling in mold contaminated attics, crawlspaces, and basements doesn’t help much after all my treatments and extends the entire immunization process … so believe me – I do understand your mold concern.
Hopefully, what’s below will help you to understand house mold a little better. So … mold is a type of organism called fungi, which will flourish, spread and reproduce by making spores in a damp, humid, dark, preferably warm environment (interior and exterior).
Many (there’s no known number of mold species, […]

Attic Black Mold and Why is it Growing in Your Attic

There are actually several different reasons that might be responsible for the mold to appear under the house roof… and sometimes compromise your real estate transaction. That is why attic evaluation and attic mold treatment (if you’re out of luck) should be performed before even putting your house on the market, and on regular basis.