8 Best Vehicles for Tradespeople and Renovators in Australia


Pickup trucks are among the best cars for tradespeople and renovators. They are the traditional tradie vehicle. They are intended to transport large loads of heavy equipment and cargo, including cars.

Their large cargo chamber design also enables the safe transport of construction gear and other items that would not fit in a family vehicle or truck cabin – offering a lot of capacity, horsepower, and comfort.

These vehicles are also versatile – they may be utilized as a weekend luxury automobile or as a lifestyle van that shouts off-road adventures.

For whatever reason, you may end up choosing an SUV, hybrid, or a sedan, only to have pangs of regret because they did not know what was best for them.

When thinking of buying a new vehicle, some tradies wonder what car they should get. This article has a list of the eight best cars for tradies for you to choose from. So, let’s begin!

1. Toyota Hilux

How can anybody create a top ten list of best cars for tradies without beginning with the HiLux? It is by far the most popular commercial vehicle in Australia, and it is occasionally the best-selling car in the country as a whole.

Toyota Australia provides a wide choice of specs and cabin layouts, including petrol and turbo diesel engines, a four-wheel and rear-wheel drive, and trim levels ranging from utilitarian to exquisite luxury.

Toyota has focused on raising the bar in terms of usability and comfort – making the truck a rather family-friendly alternative for the current generation.

2. Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Australia has a strong reputation for providing extended warranty and service plans, as well as some of the market’s most affordable yet competitive rates.

The Mitsubishi Triton is an excellent demonstration of constructing a durable, historically proved, solidly built, and well-equipped truck. 

The four-wheel-drive models, in particular, have one of the greatest off-road structural and mechanical systems available, with an electronic friction lock system in the center and rear.

3. Hyundai iLoad

The iLoad has always been in essentially the same shape since 2008. However, because it has one of the latest nameplates to join the industry, it has a slew of helpful features. 

Bluetooth connectivity,  power windows, and a multi-format audio system are standard on all models.

It’s also available in a range of variations, including petrol and turbo diesel engines, automatic and manual transmissions, and a wheelbase with short and long layouts.

It’s worth mentioning that the turbodiesel is among the unique vans of the short wheelbase category, with an amazing 441 Nm from a little V8-like engine (auto).

4. Volkswagen Amarok

Tradies and contractors in Australia may appear to be a stern lot, yet they may have a particular flair for style and efficiency. This is where the Volkswagen Amarok drifts in. It maintains to be both sturdy and muscular while also being incredibly fuel-efficient and well-dressed. 

It comes with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which is unusual in this market, and a turbo-petrol 2.0-liter capacity engine.

It is the only pickup truck in Australia that has a turbo-petrol engine. Like that of other European vehicles, the optional extras catalog allows it to be loaded to the brim with modern technology and premium furnishings.

5. Toyota Hiace

Do you want a workhorse that is small, medium, or large? Many of Australia’s largest corporations rely on the HiAce to have a supercarrier in place for their employees.

It has been around in a comparable shape for several years now, so why modify something that isn’t deformed??

Toyota Australia provides a range of trims according to the tradie’s requirements. They offer fuel and turbo diesel vehicles, short and long wheelbase, seated and extremely tall cars.

One of the most popular normal (long) wheelbase variants has a massive 6000 liter load capacity, making it one of the largest in the class.

6. Ford Ranger

Since the introduction of the newest model, the Ranger has grown to be among the most desirable pickup trucks in the industry.

Its equally strong sales results in both the 4X4 and 4X2 divisions indicate that it can handle a wide range of tasks.

The five-cylinder engine with turbo-diesel option and a 3.2 liter capacity is a highlight, producing 147kiloWatt and 470Nanometer. This truck is also among the few UTEs with five-star ANCAP safety ratings across the board.

7. Ford Transit Custom

One of Ford’s most enduring brand names. The most recent Transit is possibly the most well-equipped van available.

It is marginally more expensive than the others, but it compensates for this with class-leading reliability throughout the board and comprehensive connection and functionality. It has barn-style doors in the back that allow a forklift to dump a pallet directly in. 

It effectively has the largest usable cargo space in the sector, with the most efficient wheel-arch in its class along with the braked towing capability of 2500kg; it can be your dream truck.

8. The Renault Traffic 

The Renault Traffic may not be your first choice among pickup trucks when thinking of this sector; however, it is among the finest in regards to drivability, functionality, and practicality.

Affordable drive-away discounts frequently mean that it is also among the greatest value trucks in the industry. The stylish European style blends well with the narrow city-driving dimensions as well.


The requirements will define your ideal tradie pickup. It’s easier than ever to find the ideal pickup for you, whether you’re looking for a workhorse or a family truck.

If you ever want a car that can do practically everything, you’ll need a truck. No other car can surpass a pickup truck’s towing and cargo-hauling capabilities while simultaneously providing the necessary ground clearance for demanding off-road trips. 

Thanks to powerful engines, numerous cargo options, and a surprisingly large and comfortable cabin, all these trucks, as mentioned above, can handle all your chores, be it carrying the children to school, taking a boat to the lake, or short vacation supplies on the weekend, and transport you to work at a remote location.

It has perfect work and life balance!

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