How to vent a new wood stove?

Montana Dan Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi I am installing a new wood stove and I have two options for vent placement. The stove is going in on the low end of a steep roof. Once I break through the roof line the vent pipe would be about 14 feet below the roof line (vaulted ceiling no attic). Thats a lot of pipe to get me above the ridge of the roof.

Only other option would be to kick it out the side wall which is next to the stove. From the top of the stove to where I would have to angle the pipe out is approx. 8 feet then a 4 feet jog to clear the side over hang of the roof and up. Will I loose to much draw if I take this sidewall route.

Thanx Montana Dan

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Dariusz Rudnicki Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Dan,

Check this wood stove chimney post, and look at the second picture from the top – maybe you can go through the overhang instead of trying to clear it. How are you going to support the chimney if it’s 4′ from the wall?
I don’t know how steep is your roof, but maybe you don’t have to go over its ridge.

The wood burning stove chimney must be at least 3′ above the roof surface and 2′ above anything within 10′.

Chimney draft concern – you should follow manufacturer instructions regarding the maximum horizontal run of the chimney. There is a min. and max. but it depends on the stove and its output. I would try to put as much as possible of that wood burning stove chimney inside the house instead of running it along the side wall.

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