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Read more]]> Attic Furnace Passageway and Platform Installations Requirements https://www.checkthishouse.com/6209/attic-furnace-platform-installation-requirements.html Sat, 22 Oct 2011 02:20:06 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6209 Attic Furnace Mechanical Code RequirementsAttic Furnace Walkway & Platform Attic furnace installation must comply with you local mechanical code or IMC (International Mechanical Code) if such was adopted in your area. The following are attic furnace installation requirements based on 2009 IRC and 2009 IMC (The codes refer to it as “Appliances in attics”). Attic furnace access / passageway and platform Attic furnace passageway and service area electrical requirement Appliance in the attic / Attic furnace access / passageway and platform Access opening and an unobstructed passage way to the appliance / furnace in attic area must be provided and be adequate in size to allow removal of the [...]]]> Anode Rod, WH shut-down & Combustion Air: Water Heater Maintenance Part 3 https://www.checkthishouse.com/6075/water-heater-maintenance-3-anode-rod-shut-down-combustion-air.html Sun, 17 Apr 2011 00:22:39 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6075 You have reached Part 3 of Tank Gas Water Heater Maintenance Water Heater Maintenance Part 1 Water Heater Maintenance Part 2 Water Heater Maintenance Part 3 Use the navigation above to revisit Parts 1 & 2 of this important gas water heater maintenance procedure. Part 3 covers the following: Sacrificial Anode Rod maintenance Vacation and ... Read more]]> Should I Use a 20 amp or 15 amp GFCI Outlet on a 20 amp Rated Breaker? https://www.checkthishouse.com/5750/20amp-or-15amp-gfci-outlet-20amp-breaker.html Tue, 26 Oct 2010 21:06:42 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5750 Whenever installing a GFCI outlet receptacle on a 20 amp breaker, what should be used, a 20 amp GFCI, or is a 15 amp GFCI OK too?The rules that apply to installation of a GFCI outlet receptacle on a 15 or / and 20 amp rated circuit breaker are the same as the ones that ... Read more]]> Attic Air Conditioner Drip Pan Installation & HVAC Coil Catch Pan https://www.checkthishouse.com/15/drip-pan-under-the-attic-installed-air-conditioning-coil.html https://www.checkthishouse.com/15/drip-pan-under-the-attic-installed-air-conditioning-coil.html#comments Thu, 29 Jul 2010 16:01:31 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/testhouse/?p=16 Attic air conditioner drip pan installation falls under the IRC (International Residential Code) and UMC (uniform Mechanical Code) regulations. Like with any building codes, check with your local building department if any or all of the following requirements apply in your jurisdiction. Even if you don’t like rules, make that attic air conditioner drip pan ... Read more]]> https://www.checkthishouse.com/15/drip-pan-under-the-attic-installed-air-conditioning-coil.html/feed 10 Where is the Best Place to Install a Smoke Alarm Detector & Proper Smoke Alarm Locations https://www.checkthishouse.com/4728/where-to-install-smoke-detector-smoke-alarm-placement.html https://www.checkthishouse.com/4728/where-to-install-smoke-detector-smoke-alarm-placement.html#comments Thu, 18 Mar 2010 03:19:03 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=4728 Proper Smoke Detector LocationsWhere to install a smoke alarm detector and its positioning are as important as having this life saving device installed at all. Remember that placing a smoke detector in a wrong location might delay its response to smoke or even prevent it from sounding an alarm at all.]]> https://www.checkthishouse.com/4728/where-to-install-smoke-detector-smoke-alarm-placement.html/feed 2 Code Requirement for Bathroom Vent Location & Bathroom Exhaust https://www.checkthishouse.com/3971/code-requirement-for-bathroom-vent-location-bathroom-exhaust.html https://www.checkthishouse.com/3971/code-requirement-for-bathroom-vent-location-bathroom-exhaust.html#comments Thu, 30 Jul 2009 19:42:31 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=3971 Well, there’s no specific building code requirement for the bathroom vent location / exhaust fan installation. You can have it almost anywhere on the ceiling or wall (floors are forbidden due to possibility of vent flooding). The bathroom vent you see on the picture is slightly above the floor level (it’s actually just a register, ... Read more]]> https://www.checkthishouse.com/3971/code-requirement-for-bathroom-vent-location-bathroom-exhaust.html/feed 1 Proper Bathroom Exhaust Fan Sizing & Bathroom Vent CFM Calculator https://www.checkthishouse.com/3978/bathroom-vent-cfm-calculator-bathroom-exhaust-fan-sizing.html https://www.checkthishouse.com/3978/bathroom-vent-cfm-calculator-bathroom-exhaust-fan-sizing.html#comments Thu, 30 Jul 2009 05:47:42 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=3978 bathroom-air-ventBathroom vent CFM calculator uses 3 stage formula located below. It is based on HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) guidelines that recommend approximately 8 room air exchanges per hour  for a bathroom under 100 square feet of area. CFM – cubic feet per minute – general term used to specify the amount of air that the ... Read more]]> https://www.checkthishouse.com/3978/bathroom-vent-cfm-calculator-bathroom-exhaust-fan-sizing.html/feed 1 Gas Water Heater PVC Vent Pipe and WH Power Vent https://www.checkthishouse.com/2991/water-heater-pvc-vent-pipe-and-power-venting.html Sat, 21 Feb 2009 05:04:26 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=2991 The following information does not apply to a tankless type water heater power vent systems. PVC vent pipes can be used only with water heater power vent /exhaust motor equipped hot water heaters also known as an induced draft gas water heaters. The following information may also apply to CPVC and ABS pipes if such installations ... Read more]]> Stains on Walls, Ghost Marks, Water Marks on Walls, Soot – Is it a Mold Issue? https://www.checkthishouse.com/2432/ghost-marks-and-soot-deposits-on-house-walls.html https://www.checkthishouse.com/2432/ghost-marks-and-soot-deposits-on-house-walls.html#comments Thu, 15 Jan 2009 18:33:27 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=2432 During my inspections, I have been asked many times about stains on walls, also called ghost marks, soot deposits / dust marks and water marks on walls interior surfaces. Since there was usually a mold concern in my clients’ questions, I’ll try to explain that stains on walls / ghost mark phenomenon. Are stains on walls ... Read more]]> https://www.checkthishouse.com/2432/ghost-marks-and-soot-deposits-on-house-walls.html/feed 2 House Water Heater Vent Pipe Tips & How To Do It Right https://www.checkthishouse.com/49/water-heater-vent-pipe.html https://www.checkthishouse.com/49/water-heater-vent-pipe.html#comments Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:14:46 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=78 There’s more about the water heater vent pipe in my article below the video. Follow the links to skip down for more important information. Water heater vent pipe draft hood Water heater vent pipe material Water heater vent pipe connections Water heater vent pipe pitch Water heater vent pipe corrosion Water heater vent pipe clearances ... Read more]]> https://www.checkthishouse.com/49/water-heater-vent-pipe.html/feed 57 Refrigerant Line Insulation, How to Properly Insulate Refrigerant Lines & AC Foam Lines https://www.checkthishouse.com/11/refrigerant-lines-insulation.html Sat, 23 Feb 2008 20:41:09 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/testhouse/?p=12 Refrigerant Lines InsulationRefrigerant Line Insulation Refrigerant line insulation is partially responsible for the efficiency of your air conditioning system operation. Two different diameter copper refrigerant lines, run between the air conditioning system condensing unit (house exterior), and the AC coil (named after its shape) installed inside the house (sometimes crawlspace or attic) / contained within its own compartment. Suction refrigerant line This is a thicker copper pipe, carries cool refrigerant gas and has a temperature of approximately 40°F (4.4°C) / requires insulation. Liquid refrigerant line Thinner copper pipe carries liquefied refrigerant, [...]]]>