Kitchen Stove Safety Anti Tip Bracket

Kitchen stove - two piece anti-tip bracket

Simple devices like the kitchen stove anti tip bracket can save your child and yourself from serious injuries and sometimes even death.
Kitchen stove anti tip bracket is a single or two piece device, supplied by the stove manufacturer, that must be installed at the base / behind the stove. It prevents the stove from tipping over or tilting while somebody applies pressure to the open oven door.
Since 1991, after “voluntary safety standards” have been developed by UL (Underwriter Laboratories) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute), gas and electric stove installers are required to install provided by the manufacturer stove anti […]

Garbage Disposal Wiring | Kitchen Disposal Safety

Loose garbage disposal electrical connection

Have you ever looked at your garbage disposal wiring?

If you did, you’re probably not one of the homeowners that own garbage disposal units visible on the pictures.
This is just another waiting for an accident type of a situation and garbage disposal wiring should be on a home maintenance routine check-up list.
Garbage disposal vibration, especially under some heavy loads … by the way – this is not a garbage can, and don’t use it as such, sometimes causes garbage disposal wiring and plumbing connections to separate.
Even properly wired garbage disposal electrical cable might become loose and fall off the connector creating […]

Bathroom GFCI Receptacles and Electrical Components

Bathroom GFCI receptacle protection is required by the NEC (National Electrical Code), and of course by the common sense – why would you risk getting electrocuted if you can secure your safety by installing GFCI outlet.
Since some bathrooms are currently equipped with many electrical current hungry devices, power supply requirements had to be slightly adjusted. We used to have a bathroom sharing an electrical circuit with exterior outlets, the kitchen, and a garage – not anymore.
Of course, the minimum requirement listed below is not going to work if you add a steam shower, heated electric floor, hydro-spa heater, several light […]

Stains on Walls, Ghost Marks, Water Marks on Walls, Soot

During my inspections, I have been asked many times about stains on walls, also called ghost marks, soot deposits / dust marks and water marks on walls interior surfaces. Since there was usually a mold concern in my clients’ questions, I’ll try to explain that stains on walls / ghost mark phenomenon.
Is it a mold issue?
In most cases, it is not.
If you notice ghost marks / dark stains on the house interior wall / ceiling surfaces outlining house framing, dark dots corresponding to nails and screws underneath the wall finish, stains around picture frames hanging on walls, carpet discoloration […]

Flood Damaged Household Appliances

Are you scratching your head wondering if your flood damaged household appliances can be saved, or if you can safely operate them after just a few inches of water flooded your basement … There are a few household appliances that, because of their large size, are usually installed directly on the floor surface. With the … Read more