AC Wall Units

Air conditioning wall units are typically installed inside the metal sleeves, permanently secured to the building wall structure. In most instances, they only require regular maintenance procedures like filter replacement, and cleaning, which should be performed on regular basis. Because wall units should discharge condensate (condensation that builds up on the coil, inside the air … Read more

AC Condenser Disconnect | AC Disconnect Grounding

AC Condenser Disconnect | AC Disconnect Grounding
Your house’s central cooling system ac condenser disconnect switch is a requirement and an important safety feature.
AC condenser disconnect must be located in sight and not directly behind the condenser so it’s easily accessible.
Depending on the manufacturer, enclosures have a disconnect handle located on the exterior or behind the small cover.
Accessing of some older air conditioning condenser disconnect switches with a hidden handle might be difficult, they are often corroded, have padlocks installed with missing keys which might prevent emergency disconnect when needed. Therefore, house AC disconnect enclosure should be periodically tested for proper operation, and maintained accessible […]