Closet Fire | Closet Light Fixture Fire Hazards

Closet fire can be easily caused by a closet light fixture

Incandescent closet light fixtures can easily cause closet fire and this fire hazard is very often ignored by the home owner.
Is your closet light fixture safe? Keep reading so you can verify that it’s not going to cause any closet fire.
We rarely pay attention to our closet light fixtures for as long as they work. Stacking cardboard boxes and plastic bags filled with old clothing or Christmas gifts wrapping paper against that exposed, glowing light bulb can easily and pretty fast result in a closet fire.
Would you please go and […]

Stair Handrails and Guardrails Safety Issues

Stair Handrails and Guardrails Safety

With stair handrails and guardrails safety, it is the same concept as with many other requirements guiding our daily commute and we often believe these rules are created for others only, until we suddenly realize that there’s nothing to hold on to when gravity’s force pulls our body down the stairs with an increasing speed.
That’s why somebody came up with a list of rules for stair handrails and guardrails safety (click on each pictures for details):

Stair handrails and guardrails safety #1.
The stair handrails must be graspable, and the best shape / size to put your grip on must have a […]

Clothes Dryer Vent | Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning so Important

The clothes dryer plastic vent is forbiden, any type of dryer vent should be as short as possible

Clothes Dryer Vent

Is your clothes dryer vent discharging air from the appliance?
Is your dryer vent clean?
Does it take long to dry your clothes?
Have you checked your clothes dryer vent pipe in the attic or crawlspace?

There are still many home owners that fail to comply with current building code requirements concerning their clothes dryer vents. Unfortunately, the home owner could be the suffering one, not the code …
US Fire Administration report from January 2007 states:

Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually.
Eighty percent of clothes dryer fires in structures occur in residential buildings.
Annually, 12,700 […]

Laundry Chute Hazard – a Convenient Way to a … Disaster

Second floor laundry chute mounted on the floor surface with a 9' drop underneath

Laundry Chute Hazard

Maybe because I’m a home inspector, or maybe because I have my own children, I over-react sometimes (mentally – my personal imagination just takes off) in situations where common sense and a little imagination is required.
I always prefer taking extra safety precautions; it makes sense for me to go that one extra inch just to be sure that possibility of an accident has been minimized. But apparently many other people don’t. Imagine having a small child, maybe a 2 year old, playing in your second floor bedroom closet … and suddenly the child is gone …
This is a […]