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Read more]]> Houses: A Controversial Subject in Real Estate https://www.checkthishouse.com/9231/houses-a-controversial-subject-in-real-estate.html Tue, 07 Jul 2020 17:52:24 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=9231 If we ever described the “American dream” with a sentence, it is to be able to work a good job, be married, have children, and then watching those children grow in a house in the suburbs with a yard, a dog, and a white picket fence. For decades, this has been the goal for every ... Read more]]> How To Deep Clean Your New Home Before Moving In https://www.checkthishouse.com/9224/deep-clean-house-before-moving-in.html Tue, 07 Jul 2020 11:20:01 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=9224 Whenever you are going to move into a new abode, there is a high possibility that somebody else resided there before. Bearing this in mind, you ought to be extra careful at least during the initial week of your moving in. One authentic way to accept your new residence will be to look after it ... Read more]]> 5 Common Appliance Problems and How to Fix Them https://www.checkthishouse.com/8606/5-common-appliance-problems-and-how-to-fix-them.html Tue, 19 May 2020 11:41:25 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8606 Common household appliances aren’t perfect and can often run into drainage or efficiency problems. Luckily, there are a few simple solutions to some of these problems that don’t require calling a maintenance person to fix it. To see what these solutions are to five common appliance problems, keep reading: Fridge Isn’t Staying Cool When your ... Read more]]> 8 Factors That Will Influence Cost When Hiring Movers https://www.checkthishouse.com/8591/cost-when-hiring-movers.html Thu, 09 Apr 2020 22:49:44 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8591 two men from moving company holding boxes standing at the back of a moving truckHiring a moving company is something that the majority of homeowners are going to want to do when they are making a big move. Whether it’s moving drill dock organizers, clothes, toys, or even plants, moving is stressful and time-consuming enough as it is. Having to deal with all of the intricacies and logistics involved ... Read more]]> How To Build A Drill Dock Organizer In Your Garage https://www.checkthishouse.com/8586/how-to-build-a-drill-dock-organizer.html Wed, 01 Apr 2020 18:53:50 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8586 multiple drills lined up in drill docks in a garageSome of the most used tools in a handyman’s arsenal are the drills and drivers. However, organizing the drill bits, batteries, and chargers can be a little complicated. Having to store the auxiliary attachments doesn’t help either. Whether you have a garage or have built a shed, they are usually a great source of clutter ... Read more]]> How To Keep Your Home Evergreen With Décor Ideas https://www.checkthishouse.com/8582/keep-your-home-evergreen.html Mon, 30 Mar 2020 18:09:54 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8582 room design concept, light colorsFrom furniture to appliances, home decoration is a direct reflection of the people in the house. It tells a story without words. For example, whenever you visit the home of a kid who loves sports, you probably will see photos of their favorite athletes on the walls. This is also true of the older generations. ... Read more]]> DIY Home Renovation: When To Call A Professional https://www.checkthishouse.com/8577/when-to-call-a-professional.html Mon, 30 Mar 2020 16:55:25 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8577 frustrated woman holding hammer and wrench while doing DIY project in homeWhen it comes to home renovations, should you DIY or call a professional? The choice you make for upgrading the home will have implications on the time and money the project takes and also the quality of the results. As such, you should take your time and consider which direction you need to take. Choosing ... Read more]]> 4 Ways To Keep Valuables Safe In A Big House https://www.checkthishouse.com/8573/keep-valuables-in-a-big-house.html Fri, 27 Mar 2020 21:58:12 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8573 ipad iphone and other valuables sitting on tableMost people have precious items that they want to protect. They can be things like expensive necklaces and rings, and can also include sentimental items, which hold great emotional value. But what’s the best way to keep your valuables safe? There are several options that you might want to consider. Let’s look at some of ... Read more]]> How Technology Constantly Improves Your Lifestyle: Electronic Water Descaling https://www.checkthishouse.com/8569/electronic-water-descaling.html Tue, 24 Mar 2020 19:45:37 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8569 water being poured into a glass on a blue backgroundWe live in an era where technology has advanced beyond our expectations. Over 100 years ago, we could barely even dream about improving our water. Nowadays we have electronic water descalers that can soften hard water without making it lose minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Because over 80% of U.S. households have problems with ... Read more]]> Should You Renovate Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic? It Depends. https://www.checkthishouse.com/8564/should-you-renovate-your-home-during-the-covid-19-pandemic-it-depends.html Tue, 24 Mar 2020 16:40:56 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8564 The spread and devastation of COVID-19 has certainly forced people to rearrange their lives as they practice social distancing and social isolation. Yet, so many people are struggling to retain some normalcy in their lives and fill the time with meaningful activities. Since you’re stuck in your home or an undetermined amount of time, you ... Read more]]> 3 Tips on How to Choose The Best Company To Install Your Fence https://www.checkthishouse.com/8556/how-to-choose-best-company-to-install-fence.html Wed, 18 Mar 2020 19:14:08 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8556 red stained wooden fenceWhether you’re choosing a fence company to help enhance the aesthetics of your property, or you’re adding an additional layer of security. Just like any other home reno, this isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. You want to guarantee that you’ll get what you’re paying for, along with a high level of quality ... Read more]]> Top 4 Home Appliances You Need a Warranty For https://www.checkthishouse.com/8552/home-appliances-you-need-a-warranty-for.html Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:50:04 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8552 bright kitchen with sunlightIn modern times man has become very dependent on household appliances. Time seems to be passing by quicker than ever, and electrical appliances allow us to save time on everyday necessary tasks. Many of these appliances are used on a daily basis. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if these appliances stop functioning. Just ... Read more]]> Does Painting Your Home’s Exterior Boost Its Value? https://www.checkthishouse.com/8549/painting-homes-exterior-boost-value.html Thu, 05 Mar 2020 23:49:20 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8549 painter holding a rolling brush as they paint the exterior of a home on a step ladderA beautiful house will instantly catch the eye of potential buyers. Painting the exterior of your home will have many benefits such as: Great first impressions Curb appeal Another form of protection Painting the exterior of your home can be a lot of work. But is it worth it? According to a study done by ... Read more]]> How To Choose The Right Garage Door Opener For Your Garage https://www.checkthishouse.com/8545/choose-the-right-garage-door-opener.html Mon, 02 Mar 2020 21:20:59 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8545 Home owener pressing button of their garage door opener from inside their houseWhen it comes to choosing a garage door opener for your garage, there are a few factors or features you need to consider before shelling out your cash on anyone. Today, there are different types of garage door openers available, manufactured by different brands, and each one with its own features. With this large selection ... Read more]]> 6 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Plumber https://www.checkthishouse.com/8542/6-things-to-consider-before-hiring-a-plumber.html Tue, 25 Feb 2020 20:22:33 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8542 Male plumber in blue overallsfixes a leak.If you ever heard stories of an inexperienced plumber causing damage to an already ruined plumbing system, then you know how essential it is to hire the right person for the job. If you think you can rely on a random person after just a confirmation on the phone call, you’re wrong! There are plenty ... Read more]]> The 12 Types of Mold and Where to Find Them https://www.checkthishouse.com/8538/12-types-of-mold.html Fri, 21 Feb 2020 19:21:32 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8538 Round air ventilation frame on white ceiling with wet stains, streaks and mould around ventilator.For any homeowner or renter, nothing is more annoying and alarming than having a mold problem in your residence. One, they’re unsightly and pungent. Two, some of them can be a little difficult to find. And three, they can take a toll on your overall health. Needless to say, it’s always advisable to seek help ... Read more]]> Traditional Railing vs. Glass Railing: Which One is better? https://www.checkthishouse.com/8528/traditional-railing-vs-glass-railing.html Thu, 20 Feb 2020 20:37:21 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8528 Modern curved white marble stairs with glass railingSome interior designs reflect your taste, persona and the way you think. We would like to believe that glass railings are an apt example of this. Traditional railings have stood the test of time for many people. Yet, glass railings have become a heartthrob as they provide a touch of modern aesthetics with a simple ... Read more]]> Home Appliances and Systems That Are More Expensive Than You Think https://www.checkthishouse.com/8513/home-appliances-more-expensive.html Mon, 03 Feb 2020 19:27:40 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8513 Kitchen in luxury home with stainless steel appliances, graniteMost modern homes are filled with appliances, various structures, and systems to make it more comfortable and luxurious. Some of these are necessities, like plumbing, heating, washing machines, and so on. But some systems (like AC and a pool) are considered luxuries. What a homeowner needs to understand is some appliances might end up being ... Read more]]> Handyman Insurance: Here’s What You Need to Know https://www.checkthishouse.com/8510/handyman-insurance.html Mon, 27 Jan 2020 20:13:57 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8510 wrench over screw and hammer over top of nail on wooden boardA handyman can fix just about anything. From fixing the leaky toilet and bathroom pipes to remodeling kitchen cabinets. Since they work in their customer’s homes, having handyman insurance to protect their business is advisable. Every type of business must have insurance coverage, and handyman businesses are no exception. In fact, as a handyman, you ... Read more]]> Things to Consider Before Buying Insulated Glass https://www.checkthishouse.com/8502/consider-before-buying-insulated-glass.html Fri, 20 Dec 2019 21:54:24 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8502 girl in pony tail cleaning window of a house with yellow spongeInsulated glass is made of two or more layers of glass sheets that are separated with rubber stopped and the space in between filled with argon gas. The argon gas is a good insulator, thus making it appropriate for use when the regulation of temperatures within homes is the main objective of the installation. While ... Read more]]> The Impact Windows Have on Energy Efficiency and More https://www.checkthishouse.com/8477/windows-energy-efficiency.html Wed, 13 Nov 2019 18:43:14 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8477 renovation work in an old house and replacing windows, building energy efficiencyUnless you live in a region of the country known for mild winters, you’re bracing for a drop in temperature that could easily fall below zero before it’s all said and done. And, once it hits the mark, it might hover there indefinitely. Ick. It’s enough to make most of us shudder just thinking about ... Read more]]> Best Replacement Glass Strategies- How to Replace Insulated Glass https://www.checkthishouse.com/8466/how-to-replace-insulated-glass.html Tue, 05 Nov 2019 23:43:14 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8466 woman sitting with a cup of coffee next to sunny window at homeImagine being at home on a chilly day. You are wearing your warmest clothes, but the cold air inside your home hits your skin like needles. Sunlight shines through the single glass window, and yet, the room is still cold. To ensure that your home is insulated and prepared for winter or summer, you should ... Read more]]> What To Do When Moving To A New City in Alberta https://www.checkthishouse.com/8462/moving-to-a-new-city-in-alberta.html Fri, 25 Oct 2019 21:07:09 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8462 Green Alberta Highway signWhen you are moving to a new city, you need to prepare carefully. There are a few tips listed below that will make your move easier. Plus, you’ll need to follow through on your plans because you need to learn a new city, save money, and live a green lifestyle. Here are some tips to ... Read more]]> What Does a Home Warranty Cover? https://www.checkthishouse.com/8459/what-does-home-warranty-cover.html Fri, 25 Oct 2019 20:39:13 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8459 Happy couple holding keys to new home and house miniature - real estate conceptWhat is a Home Warranty? A home warranty is a service contract that helps homeowners cover the cost of replacement or repairs to home systems and major appliances. These policies offer a smart way to protect yourself from the unexpected expenses that come with homeownership. Benefits of a Warranty There are many reasons why you ... Read more]]> 10 Best Tips To Decorate Your Living Room in 2019 https://www.checkthishouse.com/8450/10-best-tips-to-decorate-your-living-room-in-2019.html Thu, 25 Jul 2019 15:55:35 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8450 If the kitchen is the ‘stomach’ of the house, then the living room is definitely the heart of the house. We do everything in it- welcome visitors with a bottle of wine, pull out a book on a lazy Sunday, take a nap on cool Saturday and a host of other activities are carried out ... Read more]]> Home Maintenance Tips for Selling Your Home https://www.checkthishouse.com/8446/home-maintenance-tips-for-selling-your-home.html Wed, 17 Jul 2019 03:42:09 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8446 If you just purchased your first starter home or an investment property and plan to eventually sell it, maintaining the home for resale is essential. If you’re not part of a Homeowners’ Association program, you’ll need to take care of all of the maintenance yourself, but it will pay off in the long run. As ... Read more]]> How Do You Know if Your Tile is Weeping? https://www.checkthishouse.com/8424/how-do-you-know-if-your-tile-is-weeping.html Fri, 28 Jun 2019 19:17:26 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8424 Weeping tile may sound like a sad state but, the truth is, you want your weeping tile to weep. Weeping tile is an integral part of your home’s structure and is important in ensuring that your basement stays dry and your foundation maintains a crack-free form. Once you know what weeping tile is, where to ... Read more]]> What to Look for in a Maintenance Employee https://www.checkthishouse.com/8414/what-to-look-for-in-a-maintenance-employee.html Sun, 23 Jun 2019 20:44:19 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8414 When you’re in the business of property management, there’s always something in need of repair. Busted plumbing, bad electrical, improper heating or air conditioning. All of these things can escalate if you don’t have a knowledgeable maintenance guy on-call or on-site to address the issue immediately. Left untreated, a leaky pipe can turn into a ... Read more]]> 5 Upgrade Ideas for Your Rental Property https://www.checkthishouse.com/8398/5-upgrade-ideas-for-your-rental-property.html Thu, 16 May 2019 19:39:53 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8398 If you own a rental property, it’s important that you make big upgrades once or twice per year. The only way you’re going to make money as a rental property owner is if you have tenants constantly occupying the place. But if your property is run-down or has notable deficiencies, you might have a more ... Read more]]> Don’t Forget Landscape Maintenance on Your Winter To-do List https://www.checkthishouse.com/8357/dont-forget-landscape-maintenance-on-your-winter-to-do-list.html Tue, 15 Jan 2019 17:40:48 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8357 Your home is probably the most important investment you have, and you know that all of its parts and systems have to be maintained on a regular basis to keep things humming. But while you’re up-to-date on what your house needs, have you given enough thought to keeping the landscape that frames it in top ... Read more]]> Creating a Great School Environment for Your Homeschooled Child https://www.checkthishouse.com/8353/creating-a-great-school-environment-for-your-homeschooled-child.html Wed, 02 Jan 2019 20:14:49 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8353 Homeschooling has evolved to be the choice of many young, modern parents who are distrustful of the safety that public school provides. These same parents are also dissatisfied with the current curriculum and academic instruction provided to their kids. Homeschooled children make up only four percent of the world’s student population. However, that total of ... Read more]]> Should You Sell, Throw Out or Fix the Expensive Stuff? https://www.checkthishouse.com/8349/should-you-sell-throw-out-or-fix-the-expensive-stuff.html Wed, 05 Dec 2018 21:56:53 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8349 Owning big-ticket items like a house and car is a decision not to be taken lightly, mainly because the responsibility of ownership doesn’t end with that initial purchase. When we buy something expensive, we expect it to last for a long time and are not necessarily thinking about future costs associated with repair, replacement and ... Read more]]> Home Renos? Ask These 4 Questions First! https://www.checkthishouse.com/8335/home-renos-ask-these-4-questions-first.html Tue, 27 Nov 2018 21:05:32 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8335 Home renovations can be exciting and fun, providing you with a beautiful new space and a potential increase in your home equity – but if you aren’t properly prepared, taking on a home reno can quickly turn into an expensive, messy, and stressful situation. Maybe you are the master of DIY (or think you are…) ... Read more]]> 3 Ways To Avoid Large Scale Bathroom Renovations https://www.checkthishouse.com/8331/3-ways-to-avoid-large-scale-bathroom-renovations.html Tue, 20 Nov 2018 19:52:21 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8331 Well-functioning bathrooms achieve a lot. When they run well and look good, they increase the value of our homes, they keep us safe from things like mold, and they allow us to feel refreshed and at home in our houses. Sometimes, though, our bathrooms themselves are in need of a refresh. As those who own ... Read more]]> Don’t Make These 3 Rookie Mistakes When Buying Your First Home https://www.checkthishouse.com/8327/dont-make-these-3-rookie-mistakes-when-buying-your-first-home.html Wed, 14 Nov 2018 18:29:33 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8327 Buying a home, especially your first home, can be one of the most exciting and proud moments of your life – but it can also be stressful and overwhelming if you aren’t careful. More than likely, purchasing a house is the largest and most significant transaction you will carry out in your lifetime. Not only ... Read more]]> Do You Really Have Enough Time to Care for Your Lawn? https://www.checkthishouse.com/8322/do-you-really-have-enough-time-to-care-for-your-lawn.html Fri, 02 Nov 2018 17:30:59 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8322 When you first bought your house, your landscaping was like your baby. Before then, you probably didn’t have much garden space to care for, so the luxury of land was exciting and new. Diligently, you turned on your sprinklers, mowed the blades just right and set to fertilizing and aerating like clockwork. Then you got ... Read more]]> Basic Ways to Prepare Your Home For Winter https://www.checkthishouse.com/8317/basic-ways-to-prepare-your-home-for-winter.html Mon, 22 Oct 2018 18:43:51 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8317 The cooler months of the year are certainly full of their own distinct charms, but for homeowners they also bring a distinct set of challenges. The precipitation levels increase, cold winds blow, and temperatures drop. Keeping our homes in good working order and ensuring they remain bright and warm doesn’t happen accidentally. Instead, it’s a ... Read more]]> Keep Your House Warm This Fall Without Breaking the Bank https://www.checkthishouse.com/8283/keep-your-house-warm-this-fall-without-breaking-the-bank.html Mon, 17 Sep 2018 15:00:21 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8283 According to the U.S. Department of Energy half of what Americans spend on energy goes towards heating and cooling their homes, which means it is the single costliest energy expense for most families. The majority of us — and especially those who live in northern regions of the country — know that fall and winter ... Read more]]> 3 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When Buying Your First Home https://www.checkthishouse.com/8275/3-things-you-dont-want-to-forget-when-buying-your-first-home.html Tue, 28 Aug 2018 17:47:11 +0000 https://www.checkthishouse.com/?p=8275 So it’s time to find a place and put down some roots. You’ve watched countless episodes of house hunters, have made your own “must-have’s” list, and you are ready to find the home of your dreams. Buying your first home is an exciting time – picking out paint colors, furniture, and every decorative piece Ikea ... Read more]]> How to Use Thermostat Fan ON – OFF Feature https://www.checkthishouse.com/6274/how-to-use-thermostat-fan-on-off-feature.html Fri, 11 Nov 2011 00:56:59 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6274 Picture of the thermostat fan ON-OFF switchThermostat fan ON – OFF Use forced air heating and / or AC thermostat fan ON – OFF feature to your advantage and help your HVAC forced air system perform most efficiently. Utilizing thermostat fan ON – OFF feature will probably be more beneficial for multi-level homes equipped with just one HVAC unit and little to no air return ports assigned for each room (ie. two air returns on a two story residence / one per floor only). HVAC systems designed with a single air return port, usually installed in the center of the house or in the center of each floor, are often [...]]]> Recommended Thermostat Settings For Energy Savings https://www.checkthishouse.com/6249/recommended-thermostat-settings-for-energy-savings.html Mon, 31 Oct 2011 21:29:08 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6249 Recommended thermostat settings savingsRecommended thermostat settings  and thermostat location Before I explain recommended thermostat settings for energy savings I’d like to point out the best and the worst thermostat locations. To maximize home energy savings and ensure the most efficient operation of your HVAC system, thermostat location should be chosen on an inside wall in a frequently occupied area of the house or the apartment. Additionally, thermostat location should be at least 18″ (46cm) from any of the house’s outside walls, and approximately 5′ (1.5m) above the floor surface in a location with freely circulating air of an average temperature. Thermostat locations you should avoid! The recommended thermostat settings [...]]]> Hot Water Heating Maintenance: Interior Fall Maintenance https://www.checkthishouse.com/6243/hot-water-heating-maintenance-interior-fall-maintenance.html Tue, 25 Oct 2011 23:51:58 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6243 Hot water heating maintenance - circulating hot water boilerHot Water Heating Maintenance Hot water heating maintenance procedures should be an important task on your interior fall maintenance list. Hot water heating maintenance – bleeding hot water radiators once or twice a season Bleeding your radiators means releasing any air trapped in them. This hot water heating maintenance process improves your hot water heating efficiency instantly. Hot water can flow into every part of the radiator, so it does a better job of warming your room. In order to figure out your hot water heating system’s radiators performance, turn up the thermostat a few degrees above the room temperature, make sure that all [...]]]> Combustion Air Requirements for Fossil Fuel Burning Appliances https://www.checkthishouse.com/6236/combustion-air-requirements-for-fossil-fuel-burning-appliances.html Sat, 22 Oct 2011 22:21:17 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6236 Combustion air requirements - example of a water heater, furnace, and washing equipment instalalionCombustion Air Requirements There are four possible combustion air sources in your home; House living space Attic Crawlspace House exterior In some cases combinations of the above combustion air sources is required, but the application of each has to be determined on an individual basis. EXAMPLE of the combustion air calculations For your own safety; I want you to examine the location of the fossil fuel burning appliances in your home as soon as you finish reading this chapter (furnace, water heater, fireplace, heating stove, etc.).  If you have a problem figuring combustion air requirements and determining if everything is correct, email me with detailed description of your [...]]]> Fall Maintenance | Home’s Interior Fall Maintenance Tips https://www.checkthishouse.com/5292/house-interior-maintenance-tips-fall.html Fri, 30 Sep 2011 21:13:41 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5292 House interior fall maintenance tips - examine your attic for mold, leaks, and ventilation problemsInterior Fall Maintenance Tips The interior fall maintenance tips is a second part of home maintenance check list series dedicated to routine, seasonal tasks around your house. Follow this link: exterior fall maintenance tips for the first part of those important home maintenance procedures. We’ll start interior fall maintenance tips check list from the top of your house. 1. Evaluate your house’s attic for signs of leaks, moisture, and mold / compare suspect areas with any exterior roof observations you may have and correct issues. Moisture and mold presence might be a result of ventilation problems and during the cold season is when an [...]]]> Anode Rod, WH shut-down & Combustion Air: Water Heater Maintenance Part 3 https://www.checkthishouse.com/6075/water-heater-maintenance-3-anode-rod-shut-down-combustion-air.html Sun, 17 Apr 2011 00:22:39 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6075 You have reached Part 3 of Tank Gas Water Heater Maintenance Water Heater Maintenance Part 1 Water Heater Maintenance Part 2 Water Heater Maintenance Part 3 Use the navigation above to revisit Parts 1 & 2 of this important gas water heater maintenance procedure. Part 3 covers the following: Sacrificial Anode Rod maintenance Vacation and ... Read more]]> Tank Gas Water Heater Maintenance 2: TPRV, Tank Drainage, Flue-Way https://www.checkthishouse.com/6049/tank-gas-water-heater-maintenance-2-tprv-tank-flue.html Sat, 16 Apr 2011 14:20:14 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6049 Second part of the tank gas water heater maintenance explains: TPR valve maintenance, water heater tank drainage, and internal flu-way maintenance / venting.]]> Gas Water Heater Maintenance 1 | How To Maintain Tank Water Heaters https://www.checkthishouse.com/6043/gas-water-heater-maintenance-tank-water-heaters.html Sat, 16 Apr 2011 03:53:59 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=6043 House Spring Maintenance Schedule, Preventive Repairs Checklist https://www.checkthishouse.com/5301/spring-house-maintenance-spring-schedule-preventive-repairs-checklist.html Thu, 17 Mar 2011 03:14:26 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5301 If you are looking for the spring house maintenance schedule this is the right place - click to watch the video and print the checklist.]]> Roof Rain Gutter Downspout Maintenance & Cleaning Tips https://www.checkthishouse.com/5643/roof-rain-gutter-downspout-maintenance-downspout-cleaning.html Thu, 23 Sep 2010 20:13:02 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5643 Roof Rain Gutter Downspout MaintenanceThe amount of the roof rain gutter downspout maintenance depends mostly on the rain gutter maintenance and the downspout bottom end / its extension condition. There's not much to worry about if you're living in a tree-free neighborhood, where your rain gutter downspout will (in most cases) require no maintenance. However, every tree located close to your house will increase the chances of losing some of your valuable time on rain gutter downspout maintenance. The closer and taller the trees are, the more maintenance might be required. The simplest method to minimize it and keep the gutter downspout interior clean is to install the rain gutter strainer. The gutter strainer will stop leafs and other debris from flowing into the downspout, and in some cases, contaminating it. You have to remember to clean the gutter strainer periodically (depending on the number of trees surrounding your house) to prevent it from blocking the water flow. Your rain gutter downspout should do OK without the gutter strainer if there are no trees in your area. Clogged Rain Gutter Downspout 1. Observe your rain gutter downspout discharge while it’s raining. If there's little or no water coming out the downspout bottom end - check the gutter outlet first (top of the downspout / at the rain gutter attachment point). If it's contaminated - clean it and watch if that improves the water flow.]]> How to Clean Gutters and Other Gutter Cleaning Tips https://www.checkthishouse.com/5618/rain-gutter-maintenance-gutter-leaf-guard-gutter-screen.html Mon, 20 Sep 2010 03:05:39 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5618 GFCI Maintenance | Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Testing https://www.checkthishouse.com/5571/gfci-maintenance-ground-fault-circuit-interrupter-testing.html Wed, 15 Sep 2010 01:21:22 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5571 GFCI maintenance is a very simple and extremely important procedure. Just like many other house maintenance tasks, maintaining functional and properly operating GFCI outlet receptacles will ensure that you and your family are protected from a ground fault. Ground Fault - it's when the electricity, instead of following its normal path - electrical wire - passes through a person's body to the ground. That person becomes a conductor (wire) and you may know this condition as an electrical shock. * Never paint GFCI outlet receptacle! If you've just moved into the house and installed GFCI's are covered with paint - replace them immediately. Removing paint from their surface is not enough, even if Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter appears to be responding to the test buttons. * Never insert into an outlet receptacle objects other than a plug designed for its configuration. * Avoid spilling liquids onto the device - it could result in permanent damage or malfunctioning. Testing is the most important part of the GFCI maintenance routine and it should be performed on monthly basis. The reason is very simple - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet receptacles are just like any other electronic devices - sometimes they fail.]]> Smoke Alarm Maintenance, Cleaning, and Battery Replacement https://www.checkthishouse.com/5558/smoke-alarm-maintenance-cleaning-and-battery-replacement.html https://www.checkthishouse.com/5558/smoke-alarm-maintenance-cleaning-and-battery-replacement.html#comments Sat, 11 Sep 2010 03:36:01 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5558 Test the smoke alarm once a week by pressing the Test-Reset buttonSmoke alarm maintenance (and smoke detector) is a very simple task and should be performed in addition to weekly testing and yearly battery replacement (some manufacturers might suggest to replace the battery twice a year) - put it on your house maintenance priority list! ]]> https://www.checkthishouse.com/5558/smoke-alarm-maintenance-cleaning-and-battery-replacement.html/feed 2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Maintenance | CO Alarm Testing https://www.checkthishouse.com/5540/carbon-monoxide-alarm-maintenance-co-alarm-testing.html Wed, 08 Sep 2010 22:02:13 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5540 Carbon Monoxide Warning LabelCarbon monoxide alarm maintenance doesn't require any special skills from you. However, just like the smoke alarm maintenance it is something that should become a routine for you. Those few minutes dedicated to CO alarm maintenance and testing might be a difference between life and death.]]> House Safety Maintenance Checklist – Do It Now https://www.checkthishouse.com/5304/house-safety-maintenance-checklist-do-it-now.html Thu, 02 Sep 2010 04:01:33 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5304 House Roof Asphalt Shingles Maintenance Tips https://www.checkthishouse.com/5449/house-roof-asphalt-shingle-maintenance-tips.html Mon, 30 Aug 2010 21:30:12 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5449 Fall Maintenance Tips | Exterior Fall Maintenance Check List https://www.checkthishouse.com/5295/house-exterior-maintenance-tips-fall.html Sun, 29 Aug 2010 02:57:35 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5295 Anytime House Maintenance | Small, Preventive Repairs Always Help https://www.checkthishouse.com/5307/anytime-house-maintenance-small-preventive-repairs-always-help.html Wed, 25 Aug 2010 22:45:06 +0000 http://checkthishouse.com/?p=5307