4 Small Renovations To Make Your Property a Valuable Vacation Rental


While you’re renting out your house as a vacation property, you’ll want to ensure that it has all the comforts for a pleasurable stay – similar to what your guests have back home.

Although vacationers are looking for an affordable place, adding that something extra is sure to get you rave reviews and entice further bookings.

You need to provide a balance between quality and pricing by making small renovations that add to the property’s appeal. Here are some tips to make your property a valuable vacation rental:

1. Install Keyless Entry Facilities

When your guests arrive tired out after traveling to your destination, they’ll need a streamlined entry process without having to search for keys.

Install secure keyless systems with codes that you can send over the booking platform. Your guests will appreciate the security and feel safer knowing that there can be no break-ins.

They can also plan their arrival with the added convenience of settling in at a time suitable for them, simply by punching in the codes.

2. Create a Welcoming Decor with a Pleasant Color Scheme

Your vacation rental property should have a welcoming decor with a pleasant color scheme that makes your guests feel instantly at home.

Focus on upgrading the key living aspects that vacationers need, such as a high-grade mattress, soft towels, high-thread-count bed linens, and quality toiletries.

Invest time into home improvement projects like adorning bathroom and kitchen counters and tabletops with a coat of epoxy resin.

Not only can you add different colors and patterns to transform them into a work of art, but you’ll also add durability and resistance to water damage. As for where to buy epoxy resin, you can check online or local hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. 

3. Renovate Your Deck or Verandah


Whatever may be the season when tourists book your short-term rental, they would want to spend time outdoors. Transform your deck or patio into a lovely outdoor living space with seating, dining, and play sections for the kids and pets.

Depending on the floor area you have, you could also organize an outdoor kitchen for barbecue dinners with entertainment systems for enjoying movies and music.

Setting up a hot tub and outdoor gardens adds to the ambiance and could get you higher prices for the rental. 

4. Use Online Apps for Managing the Vacation Rental

You’ll likely list the property on different platforms like Airbnb, Tripping.com, Flipkey, and HouseTrip to maximize chances of getting bookings. Also, contact an online vacation rental channel manager so that you can integrate maintenance and leases with a single app.

You need to communicate with guests, answer queries, finalize stays, accept payments, and ensure there are no overlaps. Contacting and scheduling visits from cleaning personnel can also quickly be done using the software.

Tourists want to check out your property. Uploading images and videos is easy with this software. You can also add information about the amenities and places of interest.


Making upgrades and renovations to your short-term rental property assures you of higher ROI with more guests choosing to book your home.

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