Energy Saving: Tips on Reducing Electricity Consumption


When you finally reach your adulthood stage, this is the time you start feeling the heavy loads of paying your bills. When suddenly your salary is magically poofed in a blink of an eye to pay for your major bills.

So, where does an adult’s most usually money go? In settling the water bill, food necessities, especially one of the high-consuming house utilities, the electric bills. 

Nowadays, people understand the importance of saving up for the future. So, they find various ways to help them handle their finances well and turn to practices that do not hurt much of their pockets, especially their energy usage.

Thus, here is a guide to energy-saving techniques that you might consider:

Use Smart Powerboards 

Most people do most of their work at home. As a result, more devices are also being utilized more often.

Using a regular powerboard for all of your devices could increase your energy consumption – and overloading it could pose dangers to your home.

If you’re somewhere near Queensland, make sure you consult a professional in sustainable energy that you trust. You want to make sure you handle any problems efficiently, and safely.  

Shifting to a new smart powerboard could reduce energy waste, especially when you are not using your devices. It allows users to save more energy by detecting when a specific device plugged in is used or on standby.

When the power board recognizes that it’s not in use, the board will cut electricity flow in that device without affecting the other devices connected.  

Know How to Manage Your Energy Use

It’s important to go back to the basics of saving energy. Usually, while growing up, parents often ask their children to turn off unnecessary lights when not in use.

It’s one of the simplest ways to wisely save up on energy consumption. 

Also, it is obvious that when you spend more time at home, there is also a likelihood of more energy consumption. To reduce this, turn off lights in a particular room when no one is inside, even in comfort rooms. 

If you can’t manage your electricity this way, you may shift to LED bulbs. Other than they produce better lighting, they can also save up to 75% less energy for your home.

Not to mention, it could last longer compared to other bulbs. 

Understand Your Electric Bill 

An electric bill or energy bill is a statement that is issued to you which has essential information about how much money you owe for your energy consumption usage.

Carefully assess your pattern of electric use and make a quick comparison with your previous bills. 

It would be helpful if you could recognize what made your energy consumption increase or decrease. You could do this by getting an in-home energy audit.

In this way, you will be aware of which appliances contribute to your high energy bills. 

Identify When to Open Your Windows Curtains

If the weather is good outside, turning off your lights and allowing natural light into your home would be a great idea.

Natural light is not just helpful in brightening up space, but it could also improve one’s mood while indoors.

While during summer, keep curtains closed, especially on spots where most of the sunlight will hit, and you’ll have a cooler feeling house

Get To Know How Your Thermostat Works

A thermostat helps control the temperature of a place at your desired level. If your place gets too cold, it switches on to help warm up your place.

Most people prefer to stay indoors. There is more time in a day where they use heating and cooling their place, but often they tend to forget it, and they don’t read the manual’s default settings. 

Turning down your home’s thermostat could help you lower your heating bill by as much as 15% only if you reduce it by ten to fifteen degrees. If you don’t know how to properly use it, it could make an extra pile of money in your bill.

Thus, use a thermostat control to help minimize your energy consumption and still enjoy a comfortable home. 

What Can You Do If Your Power Fails? 

Some power outage could last for a short time, while sometimes it could last longer- sometimes even more than a day.

When you experience a power outage, you should know what to do before, during, and after to ensure everyone’s safety.

First, if you have received an advisory that there will be a scheduled power outage, you must prepare your emergency power outage kit, and it’s complete.

During a power outage, turn off all of your electronic equipment at home and check if your neighbor’s power failed too. When the power has already returned, allow your electrical system to stabilize before using your appliances again. 

These may be small things that you could do, but these things may also save you from danger. Also, prepare some radios to make sure you are well-informed in these situations. 


Although energy consumption is tough to cut off, there are various ways to help you handle them better.

Thus, stated above are the ways you could consider to help you save more money by cutting off some of your energy consumption.

You can even organize your electrical usage and make changes in your home little by little. 

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