4 Essential Power Tools Your Home Needs


Every home has one or the other thing that needs to be fixed – some repairs require qualified technicians, but most can be handled simply by members of the home.

The only thing crucial in this case is that the designated repair person has access to the necessary tools that they would need to complete the task at hand.

Tools exceed prior knowledge of the task in importance because a simple five-minute video on YouTube would be able to demonstrate how to do basic repairs around the house.

If you are handy with tools – and especially if you aren’t handy with tools – this is the guide for you.

Listed below are four essential power tools that every home needs, all of which can be found at a local hardware store:

1. Cordless Drill

This is probably one of the most important things that every homeowner should have on their list. A cordless drill helps in everyday tasks around the home such as installing a shelf, handing a picture frame, building a frame, assembling DIY furniture, etc.

Cordless drills that are powered by lithium-ion batteries are especially powerful and helpful around the home, as they can be used in places that are difficult to reach and not get limited in terms of not finding a power socket like their regular counterparts.

2. Impact Driver

An impact driver is a powerful tool that allows the user a strong rotational force and thrust. It is popularly used to loosen any forgotten screws that have either corroded or are too large in size to be handled by a regular screwdriver.

In addition to that, screws and nails can also be fixed using an impact driver.

One might wonder that a drill can do the same job as an impact driver – however, the latter works by giving out a series of short bursts without damaging the screw or the nail itself while the former is likely to damage the screw or nail and if used in small bursts runs the risk of burning its own motor.

3. Oscillating Cutter

An oscillating cutter is an indispensable tool when it comes to the tools you need to have in your home. There are certain repairs that can only be done by an oscillating cutter.

For instance, any hard to reach places in a wall that needs trimming can be reached only with the help of an oscillating cutter

 Its blade can reach places that regular cutters can not and do the job without disturbing or disrupting other areas of the wall and do the work with surgical precision.

4. Jigsaw

A jigsaw is used to carve out small and minute details into wood and is a great tool for any artwork-related projects you may want to carry out around in your home.

In addition to artwork, a jigsaw is the best possible tool if you are looking to trim out details or cut a curved or straight line with accuracy.

A jigsaw works well with both thin and thick materials and specializes in cutting different types of materials including plastic, metal or wood.

It is an inexpensive tool, and while you may not use it as often as the other three power tools, the value that it is likely to give you is unmatchable.


While a toolkit at your home needs a number of tools to complete it in its right sense, these four tools are true power tools that bring in the level of performance and precision no other tool can.

You may need other tools in support of these four power tools such as a hammer, a set of nails and screws, a set of screw holders, a wrench, etc. as well. 

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