How To Organize Your Garage Easily and Efficiently


The garage is a part of our home that sometimes doesn’t get treated the same way as the house and the yard.

We prune the hedges and polish the hardwood floors but the garage, this is a place where we might tend to shove away the stuff we aren’t using anymore and leave the items there in disarray. 

It’s time to take hold of this vital area of our home and make it as organized and functional as it can possibly be.

This may seem like a big job but, if you do it right, not only will you be able to save space in your garage but you can do it quickly.

Here is a step-by-step guide with easy tips to help you organize in a productive way. 

Step 1: Plan

The best way to tackle a project is to make a game plan.

How much time is this going to take? What tools will I need? Am I going at this alone or is the whole family going to jump in on this project?

There are questions you’ll need answered about storage, what areas will be used for what items. 

It’s best to have as much of it decided before you start as you can but willing to change your plans if needed. 

Step 2: Purge

Before you can start putting away the things you want to keep in this space it’s time to get rid of the things you don’t need or use anymore.

What those things are is completely up to you but you and the other members of your family can decide what stays and what goes. 

It’s natural to want to keep everything but you’ll need space to keep those extra Jeep tires if you’re planning on taking it out on the road next season. 

Step 3: Sort It

Now that you have everything you want to keep in your garage it’s time to create groups. The most efficient way to do this is to assign different areas of the garage with themes. 

If you don’t have a greenhouse then you’ll keep the gardening items in one area, the automotive in another, and so on.

Then start to sort your stuff by putting it in their assigned areas. 

Step 4: Utilize Wall Mounts and Shelving

There are different types of shelving units but, when it comes to garages and storage you want simple open shelves so you can always see what you have and you can reach anywhere to get at it without having to open a cabinet door. Plus they are a fraction of the cost. 

Pegboards work wonderfully when you are attempting to store items on the walls.

You can install it without professional help and it’s versatile enough to fit anyone’s needs.

But it shouldn’t be used for heavier items like bikes. You’ll want to find a sturdier wall mount or a rack made specifically for that purpose. 

Step 5: Don’t Forget The Ceiling

While we don’t let much hang from our ceilings in the house, but in the garage, it’s a great place to hang ladders and other longer items like skis.

When you do this it’s important to make sure you don’t hinder the overhead sensor for the door opener. 


Organizing a garage is a big job and one that might take up to a day or even an entire weekend. But it can be a fun group project and be used as quality time to bond with your family.

Jobs like this can be easy and enjoyable if you use these tips and are prepared to do the hard work required to get a job like this done. 

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