Most Common House Repairs in South Florida


Spring is almost here and this is the best time of the year that you have to start fixing up and cleaning your house.

In south Florida, it is important to have maintenance and home repairs done during this time too.

Continue reading below for some of the most common home repairs you may need in south Florida:

1. HVAC Maintenance

South Florida is known for reaching hot temperatures, with humidity to go along with it, during the summer months.

You will not be able to live comfortably if your HVAC unit and air conditioning are not working as it should in preparation for these months.

Make sure you have someone who can inspect the coils, replace your filters and can ensure that the system is working properly.

Try to have them come in the spring as well so that you do not have one hot day without comfort.

2. Water Draining

South Florida is known for getting hit by hurricanes every year throughout the summer and fall months, and sometimes, these hurricanes cause flooding.

If your drains are not working properly, you can leave serious damage to the foundation of your home and can invite pests into your home who love the moisture.

Also, the excessive moisture from improper draining can lead to a buildup of mold and mildew.

Be sure to find someone who can perform the maintenance on your drains that is necessary to ensure that there are no clogs and that your drain is in proper working condition.

3. Gutters

Your gutters can get clogged easily, which leads to a buildup of water above your home, which can lead to cracks in the roof which causes leaks into the ceiling.

It is so important to keep your gutters free of debris and to remove any clogs that are causing problems and not allowing for proper water runoff after heavy rains.

You should also have someone inspect your gutters to ensure there are no breaks or cracks that will cause improper runoff at your home as well.

4. Shingle Repair

If your roof is old or if you did not inspect it properly after last hurricane season, you may have missing shingles.

The roof is the first line of defense to keep you and your loved ones safe in your home and that prevents your home from flooding from the top.

If there are any shingles missing, it is so important to get these replaced as soon as possible.

Hire someone to make sure that all nails are where they should be and that there are no holes or leaks in your roof either.

5. Wall Maintenance

Many homes in southern Florida are made of exteriors that are made from a product that is known as stucco.

Stucco can become dirty very quickly and can collect moisture, but it can be cleaned easily by someone who has a pressure washer to remove the dirt and grime.

It is also possible that there could be cracks in your exterior walls that are in need of filling in and repair.

This will prevent the buildup of moisture in these holes which has the ability to make you and your loved ones extremely sick.

6. Landscaping Repairs

Your landscaping is also in need of repair in the spring in Florida, though these landscaping needs are not as important.

Often, throughout the winter, yards lose grass through a lack of rain and the death of the greenery. Many of your plants may also die or may become overgrown during the winter months and require a serious overhaul.

Sometimes, the plants even crack walls themselves and need cutting back, and your yard needs help to look its best again.

It is important to hire someone who can fix these landscaping problems before you have pests surrounding your home and serious foundational problems.

Final Thoughts

The spring is a great time to perform home repairs in southern Florida.

Be sure to hire a handyman in Miami who you can trust to keep your home safe.

This is important when considering that hurricane season is just around the corner.


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