8 Must-Have Bedroom Accessories for 2021


Accessories are an indispensable part of every modern bedroom. You can use them to add a finishing touch to the bedroom design, to show off your style or simply for practical reasons.

Bland and boring isn’t the look you should be striving for.

Check out the list below to see what accessories you should definitely incorporate into your bedroom design in 2021:

1. Photo String Lights

Make sure your loved ones are always there by your side. Hang the photos on the wall above the bed or above your desk, where the framed photos are visible in all their glory.

These photos are personal enough to have sentimental value and modern enough to be showcased in a bedroom that gives off an edgy vibe.

2. Statement Headboard

A headboard can make or break the entire look. It’s a perfect way to express your style, but at the same time, it can ruin the aesthetics of the bedroom if you choose the wrong size or a design that doesn’t match the bed.

Every bedroom needs a stylish headboard to seal the creative deal, provide support for your spine and protect your walls from abrasion.

3. Houseplants

The year 2021 is all about eco-friendliness and sustainability. Apart from purifying the air and visually enriching the space, houseplants help you feel more serene when you’re under pressure.

Add a spark of colorful contrast to the greenery with the aid of an interestingly designed plant pot that you can match with your area rug or the color of your sheets.

4. New Bedding

New year, new me – do you say something like this at the beginning of each year? For better sleep and more comfort in the year ahead of us, try out bamboo sheets that are specially designed for utmost comfort.

The silkiness and the high-quality sateen weave make your hair and skin less oily, the lightweight design feels soft on your skin and its breathability won’t weigh you down, which makes these sheets a perfect combination for a night well slept.

5. Light it Up

Layered lighting is the “It” word for bedroom decor in 2021. From overhead lamps, floor lamps, table lamps to bedside lamps, you should have them all.

A bedroom needs to be abundant with natural light, but also have a decent artificial replacement when the sun goes down.

6. Statement Mirror

It’s a practical and stylish solution to add more illumination to the room and a touch of glamour.

If you’re leaning towards a casual vibe, hang it against the wall, choose a bold pop of color or an unusual shape if you want the room to be more modern, or choose a full-length version if you are a hopeless romantic who is more into vintage vibes.

7. Playful & Graphic Art

If your room needs more depth and dimension, why not try to incorporate some personal decor on the walls to bring them to life?

This type of art speaks volumes about who you are as a person, what your personal preferences are and serve as an intimate expression of your style.

8. Bedroom Chair

Find a bedroom chair that will leave everyone captivated by its beauty. For instance, it can be a sofa you sink into at the end of the day or a luxurious ottoman.

Try styling it with a throw blanket draped over it for a designer look. It should be a piece of furniture made just for you that will make your heart skip a beat when you see it in front of you.


Boost your bedroom’s appeal by choosing some of these accessories you’ll love in 2021.


What is your favorite accessory you could never live without? Tell us all about your tips in the comment section below!

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