5 Reasons to Properly Insulate Your Attic 


If it’s your first time to insulate your own home, or if you’re refurbishing the insulation on a newly purchased property, where should you start?

The US Department of Energy, as well as most seasoned building contractors, will recommend that you start with the attic area.

The rationale is that heat naturally rises, and the attic or the uppermost layer will retain much of the heat generated in the house.

Insulating an attic can be a tedious job, and it’s one that many homeowners like to put off for as long as they can. But if the improvements are done well, and if you choose the right insulation solutions, the hard work will go a long way.

You’ll be thankful you paid extra attention to your attic space when weather extremes hit and when you start noticing the difference in your energy bill. 

Here are five reasons to set aside time, money, and effort into properly insulating your attic. Don’t wait until before an extremely hot summer or a bitterly cold winter to start this home improvement project!

1. There’s a Variety of Insulation Solutions Out There

No home attic is exactly the same as another’s. If you find out about a neighbor spending a lot on their attic insulation project, don’t assume that the same will apply for you.

You can shop at a local construction supply store to find effective but affordably priced insulation materials for your attic. Some available varieties are fiberglass batt insulation, spray foam insulation, or blown-in cellulose insulation. 

Just remember: if you live within the US Department of Energy’s Climate Zones 6 or 7, you will need R49 insulation. That material’s R-value, or resistance to heat transfer, is high enough to insulate your attic area properly.  

2. It Will Make Your Home More Comfortable During Weather Extremes

Poor insulation in the attic can result in two unpleasant extremes for your home.

In the summer, the heat can stay trapped in your attic and make your indoor temperature warmer than it should be.

Conversely, in the winter, the heat may migrate too quickly up to your attic. Without a permeable lid to trap that heat, the temperature inside your home will be too chilly. 

In either extreme, your indoor temperature will not be very stable. You’ll resort to overworking your heating or cooling appliances, or you and your family members will put up with the discomfort.

You don’t need to, however, if you decide to put the extra care into insulating your attic. It’s an investment that will keep you both warm enough and cool enough all year round. 

3. It Will Save You a Lot in Terms of Energy Costs

If your home is under-insulated, you’ll be consuming more energy to achieve your ideal temperature.

Again, because of that, you may be exhausting your indoor heater or your air conditioner just to maintain that balance. And at the end of the month, it will reflect heavily on your utility bill. 

On the flipside, insulating your attic can save you a great deal of money on energy costs. As per the Department of Energy, you can shear off between 10% and 50% of your heating bill if your attic is properly insulated.

A well-insulated attic will keep your energy costs more manageable for several years. 

4. It Can Protect the Upper Part of Your Home from Damage

Insulating your attic can also improve the structural integrity of your home. In an under-insulated attic, excess heat can sometimes accumulate right under the roof.

That can result in various forms of damage, like softened plywood or cracked shingles.

An attic that’s not properly insulated may also allow water vapor to seep in. This can slowly destroy the ceiling and walls of your home, as well as make your indoor environment feel unpleasantly clammy. 

Thus, reinforcing your attic with insulation can also safeguard the upper parts of your home against further damage. You’ll have a few less attic and roof repair jobs to worry about.  

5. It Results in a Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Environment for Your Family

Lastly, a well-insulated attic may make a big difference in terms of how healthy it will keep your indoor environment.

The insulation will be good at keeping mold, mildew, dust, and other threats to your health at bay. You and your loved ones will be less at risk of getting asthma attacks, allergy attacks, or other bouts of sickness caused by poor indoor air quality. 

You can rest easy about your family’s general health when you have proper insulation in your home. Your attic should be the priority, especially if your home’s most important living spaces—like the bedrooms—are upstairs. 

Conclusion: Insulate Your Attic for a More Livable Home

Suffice to say, refurbishing your attic insulation system will have a noticeable effect on your indoor temperature, your energy consumption, and your family’s overall health.

If you’re having a difficult time with the particulars, like choosing which insulation material is best for your home, don’t hesitate to ask a professional!  


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