5 Tips To Better Maintain Your Office Space


You spend a good chunk of your day in your office, sitting at your desk and typing away. Office spaces are more or less your second home.

That’s why you must give priority to designing your office space too.

With an increasing number of people buying office spaces which are a little smaller, either due to money crunch or lack of office spaces, there is a growing need for people who can design and style office spaces to manage it better and help everyone be more productive.

If you happen to be in charge of your office decor, read to find five tips that you might find useful:

1. Play with Colours and Patterns

Colours and patterns can breathe life into your office space. Designs on the ceiling are quite a trend now.

Your walls and ceilings can be styled to a cohesive theme, which can then be cast on the decor around the office space too. 

A popular design for a closed space is a running banner throughout the office, making everyone feel a part of something unifying.

It might sound silly, but small things in a closed space make a huge difference. 

2. Reduce Uncomfortable Furniture

Comfortable chairs and desks are a must in every office. Adjustable chairs are a bonus since we are all aware of how crucial they are to your employees’ comfort.

You may get orthopaedic furniture to help employees’ backs and arms with lumbar support and armrest.

Cushions around the office to be used on the work chairs might also add to the decor as well as help the employees without being too heavy on the wallet. 

3. Lighting is Essential

Lighting plays a vital role to set the right mood around the office. Allow as much natural light as possible to make the best of the space you have.

Natural light lets the room appear bigger than it actually is and also makes it look less cluttered. 

For spaces where natural lighting isn’t possible, you might want to consider buying sunlight desk lamps or ceiling lights that mimic the effect of natural light.

4. Add Greenery Wherever Possible

Instead of different pieces of decor or paintings around the office space, you might want to get indoor plants.

Do not buy the same plants for the entire office space — go for variation in size and type.

Buy office desk flower pots after consulting your employees. Hanging small plants from the ceiling at entry and exit of the office and bigger potted plants in the corridors is a good choice.

You might want a few plants to be perennial and some to be flower-bearing.

You might also play with the colours of the flower-bearing plants and have them match your office space’s colour scheme, theme and style. 

5. A Minimalistic Approach is Best

There is nothing worse than a cluttered office space.

You might wish to buy artwork, plants, decor to go all around the office, and so you should; however, it is best to keep it as minimal as possible.

The idea of office decor is for employees to find it aesthetically pleasing as opposed to being overwhelmed and uncomfortable. 

6. Have a Recreational Space

Even if you can afford to have just a ping-pong table, having the means to relax and space away from their work desk can increase employees’ productivity multiple fold.

The space you create for leisure lets them walk around and have a breather whenever they want.

It allows them to talk outside of their working chairs and desks, which gives them a change of space and relieves stress at the same time. 

Don’t Neglect the Structure

Apart from the overall aesthetics of your office, structural integrity is also key – especially when it comes to the safety of your employees and clients.

Ensure that your office is sturdy by checking doors and windows, as well as, having a commercial roof repair company check your roof’s condition.

Preventative measures now will save you costly repairs in the future.

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