5 Things to Consider in Your Kitchen Renovation


Kitchen remodeling is a huge undertaking that many of us dream about. After all, this is one of the most significant interiors at our home, as it is the place where we prepare meals and have them with our beloved ones.

When you finally decide to change its design, you need to plan the whole work thoroughly.

Take into account the space you are dealing with, and think if you want to expand it. Consider the workability of the layout you have now, and the estimated cost of the whole remodeling.

Don’t forget that such an endeavor often gets out of control if the ground rules are not established tightly from the very beginning.

In order to help you to prepare for your kitchen renovation better, we have come up with some amazingly useful tips. Check them out!

1. Choose the Proper Lighting

A kitchen without proper lighting will neither be useful nor esthetically pleasing. Different types of it need to be used for particular purposes, for example:

  • Downlights. Installing them all over the open space will provide the interior with atmospheric ambient light. Also, remember that safety is crucial. That’s why you should always select a model resistant to fire.
  • Pendants/Ceiling Fixtures. So as to make work zones (like a peninsula, an island, or a sink) brighter, mount some decorative pendants that will produce diffuse light without any shadows.
  • Under-Cabinets Lighting. With task lighting under the cabinets, it will be easier to do all the kitchen tasks that require precision and can be dangerous if not done carefully.

2. Plan Wide Walkways

Your kitchen certainly must be convenient to use, so plan your paths so that you could use them easily.

At least two people should be able to pass each other there, so make sure their width is 36 inches or more.

Moreover, in the cooking zones, they should be even wider. If there is usually one person preparing meals, 42 inches should be enough, but if there are two, then you should go for 48 inches.

Also, adapt the peninsulas and islands accordingly.

3. Select the Color Scheme

The color scheme is one of the most significant aspects of the kitchen renovation. Neutral colors are usually the best choice, especially if you plan to sell your property soon after the remodeling.

Light-colored (especially white) kitchens are highly popular nowadays, as they look clean and bright and follow the present interior design trends.

However, if the renovation takes place just for your comfort, not for selling, you do not have to follow any trends but just arrange it in accordance with your personal preferences.

You can choose Italian or Scandinavian style, or any other that suits you!

4. Buy High-Quality Appliances

Keep in mind that the choice of kitchen appliances will hugely affect your comfort while working in the kitchen.

For this reason, you should really choose them wisely.

Take your time to read some reliable reviews online, and do not always go for the cheapest options. If you are on a tight budget, look for some special offers, or buy a second-hand appliance that still looks well, but do not go for low-quality products.

Remember that you will use a sink, oven, fridge, etc. on a daily basis and, if they work poorly, it will be very frustrating for you.

Also, they may break very quickly, and you will have to spend more money anyway.

5. Consider Getting Professional Help

Some people may not have such a precise vision about their home – they have some ideas in mind, but they are not sure which design would be best for them.

If that is your case, make sure to get some professional help. Search for a recommended interior decorator and explain to them what you want your kitchen to look like.

They will help you choose the right cabinets, lighting, appliances, and even plan out the best layout.

An experienced decorator knows how much space is necessary between particular elements to make them look fantastic and convenient to use.


If you are planning to sell your property or if you are just fed up with its present appearance, it is an excellent idea to remodel your kitchen.

To come up with a perfect design for you, you can get some professional assistance or just search for inspiration on the internet.

As exciting as it can appear, you should keep it well-organized and carefully plan all the steps, and limit your budget, adjusting it to your financial capabilities.

Your renovation project should cover all the crucial elements of the kitchen, including the color scheme, lighting, appliances, and more. Good luck!

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