How To Renovate Your Bedroom For The Summer


Humans spend about one-third of their lives in the bedroom. It’s because sleep is an integral component of life.

Without proper sleep in a comfortable space, you become vulnerable to health complications such as mood swings, fatigue, and weak immune systems.

However, it can be challenging to gain the right comfort level during the summer.

The hot sun bears its high temperatures inside your bedroom, which makes it tougher than average to relax.

Thankfully, you can beat the summer heat in your bedroom with these five tips:

1. Change The Mattress

Many homeowners feel that a bedroom isn’t a bedroom without an appropriate mattress.

Ensure that your mattress has a breathable material. Otherwise, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night as if you’re swimming in sweat.

Mattresses with breathable materials provide cooling comfort as you sleep during the warm nights. Search for mattresses made from materials, such as the following:

  • Plastic polymers
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Upcycled denim
  • Lambswool
  • Natural cotton

However, it’s also important to consider other essential factors such as size, density, and support.

Moreover, choose a mattress that can cater to specific health needs. For example, some mattresses do better than other models in reducing snoring.

To learn more about these variants, you can research online companies like Bed Advisor to find the perfect bed for you.

2. Install A Smoke Alarm

Gain peace of mind while resting in your bedroom in the summer with a smoke alarm.

Several smoke alarms are available on the market, but consider choosing an optical or photoelectric smoke alarm for your bedroom. These models are less prone to false alarms than other variants, thanks to their improved internal algorithms.

Optical smoke alarms are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms since these areas tend to have flammable objects, like soft furnishings and cables.

Don’t forget to follow safety guidelines when installing smoke alarms. Consider these recommendations during the installation:

  1. The device should have a label of a certified testing facility.
  2. Mount the alarms high on ceilings or walls.
  3. Wall-mounted alarms should be no more than 12 inches away from the ceiling.
  4. Install smoke alarms within three feet of the peak of pitched ceilings.
  5. Don’t install the alarms near openings, such as door and windows, as drafts might interfere with the operation.

Installing smoke alarms should be a central component of your summer bedroom renovation project.

Knowing that the alarm warns you of nearby fire and smoke will help protect the home and all of its residents.

3. Add A Coastal Touch To The Décor

Bedrooms can look amazing with summer-themed decorations and furniture.

The beauty of adding a coastal style to your bedroom is that this design can fit different looks. Whether your current bedroom appearance exudes designs leaning towards boho, farmhouse, glam, or traditional, you can insert coastal accents to fit the season.

For example, accent your room with blue tones and shell-themed decorations to bring the summer vibes into the room.

Consequently, you may change the color palettes of your curtains, beddings, and pillows to match the season. Incorporate beachy colors, like sandy beige, watery blues, and beach pebble gray.

You can also use these colors if you decide to paint your bedroom walls for the remodeling project.

4. Add A Touch Of Green To The Room

Show your green thumb by adding plants to the bedroom for that extra layer of comfort.

Looking at green can help calm the mind, which can be a crucial factor when trying to relax while in the bedroom. Sometimes, it’s tough to relax while the summer heat is unbearable.

You don’t have to fill every corner of the room with florae. Adding slight hints of green in each corner of the bedroom can already help induce feelings of relaxation. Consider plant options, like:

  • Parlor Palm
  • Snake Plant
  • Moth Orchid
  • Pothos
  • Dracaena

5. Hang Wall Art

You might think that your walls look bare and unfit for the summer season. If so, consider adding some wall art to add a bit of summer flair to the bedroom.

Opt for wall art that can provide summer vibes to the space.

For example, hang paintings depicting sandy beaches or seashells.

You may also hang summer-themed fabrics, like beach sarongs, and all you need are bulldog clips to hang them properly.


Renovating your bedroom for the summer may not require a lot of time and money.

Consider remodeling the space with plants, wall art, and the right colors.

Also, don’t forget about changing your mattress to a breathable model to ensure that you’ll always get a good night’s sleep in this season.

Follow these tips, and you should gain a relaxing and safe summer in your bedroom.

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