10 Tips For Keeping Your Home Cooler This Summer


Many people around the world love the summer season. It’s bright and sunny all day, meaning they get to enjoy a range of wonderful activities.

Not to mention the summer vacations students get from schools and colleges. But, it can also get incredibly hot and humid during the season, leading to massive bills.

If you want to make some changes around your house to make the summer weather more bearable, then check-out the following tips below.

Don’t Park a Recently Used Vehicle in the Garage

Many people have garages attached to the main structures of the house, and they make one simple mistake that leads to the entire house becoming hot.

That is, people park their recently used vehicles right inside the garage and close the doors.

All that heat from the engine can make the garage incredibly hot, and the entire house along with it. Therefore, you can simply let the car cool down in the driveway and park it in later.

Also, you can use a garage cooling system to make sure the area stays nice and cool.

Insulate Your Home

You need to find ways to get less heat into your house. That will not only help you and your family be more relaxed, but it can also help you save more on the bills.

You can start by keeping all the doors shut during the day time and making sure they are correctly insulated with no cracks around their frames. You should consider doing the same for the windows and other parts of your home.

Another excellent way to block the heat is to have natural shade with trees covering your home. But with that, you will need to take excellent care of the gutters and the roof.

Shut All the Blinds

You need to shut all the blinds in your house because the windows are notorious for letting in heat. While you can get the windows tinted to keep the heat out, it will require a more significant investment than you might be looking for.

That’s why blinds are the best way to make sure the heat stays out. If you have very light curtains, then you might want to replace some of them with a thicker material to better shade the windows.

You can also lower your bills by 7% by shutting the blinds and curtains.

Set Your Ceiling Fans to Move Counter-Clockwise

Many people aren’t aware that they can change the direction of the ceiling fans. Most ceiling fans are made to be adjusted seasonally.

While the clockwise rotation may be suitable for cooler weather, you can set the fan to rotate the other direction during the summer.

This setting will change the airflow in the room and give you a more refreshing breeze than you would expect. If you want to have more fun, then turn up the fan’s speed. It can make the room cooler.

Embrace the Nights

It’s common knowledge that the temperatures get lower during the night. That is why you should schedule any parties or handouts at night.

But that’s not all. You can open up all the windows in the night and allow the cold air to come into the house and make the rooms cooler.

That, combined with the different rotation of the fans, can be excellent in making your home cooler.

Fire up The Grill

You may turn on the stove or the oven in your home to cook the food. While that is the usual way, these appliances can make your home much hotter than you would want them to be.

You may also not be able to use any ceiling fans or air conditioning in the kitchen because they can interfere with the cooking process.

So what can you do?

Go out to the backyard or the balcony and fire up the grill. You can grill the food and keep all the heat outside your home. This will not only keep your house cool, but it is also a healthier way to cook your food.

Switch Your Lights

You might already be doing plenty to keep your home cool, but luck might still not be on your side. What could be going wrong? Maybe you should take a look at all the lighting fixtures around your house.

The light bulbs and tube lights can release a lot of heat if they are kept turned on for a long time.

When you find out just how much, you will be surprised. If you haven’t changed your bulbs in a while, then it might be time for a switch.

While new bulbs will release less heat, you might want to look at LED options. They will consume far less electricity and release much less heat. Allowing you to save bills in two ways.

Freeze Your Sheets

Although this may seem crazy or comical, it is actually an excellent idea. A little while before you are about to head in for the night, you can place your sheets in your freezer to make them cooler.

However, you need to put them in a plastic bag before putting them in the freezer. Otherwise, you will end up with cold, smelly sheets.

While you are throwing your sheets in there, toss in your pillow covers as well. Also, if you like to sleep with some layers or a light blanket, then fill a hot water bottle with freezing cold water and keep it under the sheets with you.

The Bottom Floor Is the Coolest Floor

If you are struggling to sleep or sit around on a higher floor, then you should go down to the lowest level of your house.

You see, the air rises when it is hot, and it will go down when it’s cold. That is because the cold air is denser. That is also the reason why radiators and heaters are placed on the floor.

That is why you will have a much better time sleeping and staying on the bottom floor of your house. So, move your beds downstairs and have a much better sleep.

Feel Too Hot? Use an Ice Fan

When the temperatures reach an all-time high, and you are in a non-air conditioned room, life can become incredibly challenging.

But, luckily, bright minds have come up with a solution for this as well.

You can keep a small electric fan on a higher surface and place a bowl full of ice in front of it. When the ice is melting and evaporating, it will release cold air.

At the same time, your fan will send the cold air your way.

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