8 Factors That Will Influence Cost When Hiring Movers


Hiring a moving company is something that the majority of homeowners are going to want to do when they are making a big move. Whether it’s moving drill dock organizers, clothes, toys, or even plants, moving is stressful and time-consuming enough as it is. Having to deal with all of the intricacies and logistics involved with moving to a different home can be tedious and impractical for many. Luckily, hiring a moving company to handle all of it for you can help relieve a lot of the workload and give you a better chance to relocate with decreased stress. Below, we will be going over some of the things that contribute to the cost of hiring movers when relocating.

1. Location

Moving company quotes will depend a lot on your location. Your location is going to play a role in determining the total cost of hiring a moving company. You will find most moving companies charge different rates based on the local cost of living. Therefore, if you live in a very wealthy area with a high cost of living, you are likely going to have to pay extra for someone in an area that doesn’t cost nearly as much.

2. Distance

Another contributing factor that will determine the quote that you get would be the total distance that you are going to be moving. If your new home is very far away to the point where it is considered a long-distance move, you will need to pay more to the moving company to facilitate it. Whereas, if you are moving within the same city, you’ll likely pay significantly less. This is primarily because of the increased time it will take to move everything and the total distance they will be driving.

3. Timing

Timing is crucial because you will find most moving companies quote much less when there is less demand. If you want to get the most out of your entire move, you want to try to move during the off-season. When you move during the peak season, you will usually have to pay a surplus. This can be avoided by moving during periods where fewer homeowners are moving. While this isn’t always practical or viable, it is a good way to save money on your move.

4. Insurance

Knowing whether or not you are going to pay for insurance is another crucial factor that has to be considered when you are looking to make your move. Insurance is a must for anyone that is going to be moving a lot of expensive valuables in the house, as well as, potentially fragile items.

5. Cars

Are you going to be moving your vehicles with the moving company? You will have to pay much more for a company to move a vehicle because they are going to need much larger scale trucks to facilitate such a move.

6. Packing

If you are going to do the packing for your move on your own, you can save some money on the total cost to hire the moving company. That being said, you are still going to have to spend money on packing supplies and the time that it takes to pack everything thoroughly. However, adding packing to the list of services is typically affordable, and it can help bring you peace of mind knowing that professionals are packing your most prized possessions to make it through the journey without getting broken.

7. Experience

It is always going to cost more to hire a professional company that has a lot of experience in the industry. The more experience a company has, the more they are going to quote for the move. After all, a company that has been around for a long time will be able to live up to their reputations. Whereas, another company with less experience and a lesser reputation might have to work much harder and provide a much lower price to convince a prospective customer to use their services.

8. Storage

If you need to store your things, you are going to have to pay for it. Some moving companies will offer their own storage services, or they will have a relationship with another company that does. You will have to add this to the total cost of the move.

In the end, there is a lot that goes into the pricing of a moving service. By factoring in everything above, you should be able to identify the moving company that is going to deliver you the best service when moving at the best possible price. There are ways in which you can save money by handling certain things on your own, but a full service moving company can help take a lot of the tedious and time-consuming activities off your hands. It ends up making your move a much more seamless one that can help you transition to your new home with ease.

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