How Technology Constantly Improves Your Lifestyle: Electronic Water Descaling


We live in an era where technology has advanced beyond our expectations. Over 100 years ago, we could barely even dream about improving our water. Nowadays we have electronic water descalers that can soften hard water without making it lose minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Because over 80% of U.S. households have problems with hard water, many people have been softening their water using salt-based water softeners. These machines effectively replace calcium and magnesium with sodium inside the water. This method solves the issue of mineral deposits around your showerhead and faucet. It also prolongs the life of appliances that are connected to the plumbing system because they won’t get clogged with chalk as easily.

However, its benefits tend to fade away once you start looking at the negatives. Softened water contains sodium, which makes it unsafe to drink in large quantities even for healthy adults. Sodium also makes it impossible for people with diabetes or high blood pressure to drink the water. Plants can stop growing and might even die if you water them with softened water.

Water descaling is meant to solve these issues. It is an eco-friendly method of reducing the water’s hardness. Water descalers keep the minerals in hard water while also preventing build-up inside your pipes or appliances. As such, you don’t lose precious minerals and you don’t ingest extra sodium. And you also get the advantages of softened water.

How water descalers work

A water descaler purifies water by sending electric impulses through the pipe. As the impulses travel through your plumbing, the mineral crystals in the water change shape. As a result, they don’t cling to your pipes as much. Even better, this method also works on still water. As an example, unlike water softening, this method doesn’t leave salt or sodium in your water heater.

To put it in even simpler terms, the calcium and magnesium particles inside the water start flowing as suspended particles. Their shape and size are modified by the water descaler.

The main advantage of water descalers is minimal maintenance. Unlike water softeners, you don’t need to ever worry about pouring salt in. They’re so easy to install you don’t need a plumber. There are certain models of descalers like the Yarna water descaler, where you just need to wrap two wires around your main pipe and plug the descaler in. Then you just sit back and relax while it does its thing. It may be important to note that the results should start showing in about 3 months.

yarna water descaler parts

Water descalers protect the environment and make your life easier.

Although a water softener is suitable for cleaning your clothes, taking a shower or washing your dishes, the same can’t be said about other things. Watering plants with softened water might kill them. If not, it will stop their growth. Babies can’t ingest the water without it causing stomach problems. People with diabetes or high blood pressure also shouldn’t touch it. And not even regular adults can handle the excess sodium. You get the point. It’s not good for drinking.

Descalers don’t cause any of these problems. And they don’t waste much water. They simply work by “rewiring” the calcium and magnesium molecules. Less water waste means a smaller bill and also less stress on your local water plant. So you’re getting only the benefits of water softening and saving the planet at the same time.

These eco-friendly alternatives are based on a certified technology that offers you salt-free, mineral-rich tap water.

How to make sure your water descaler works well

Before installing the descaler, make sure to remove any existing scale from your pipes. Once you have removed most of it, you can install the descaler. Let it run for at least three months and then try cleaning your ducts again. If the descaler works properly, you should see less build-up in your pipes than before. Not only that, but your pipes should also be easier to clean.

Another way of checking the efficiency of your descaler is by washing your dishes. If there are few or no smudges left after cleansing, your descaler works properly. After this, you can try washing your clothes. If they look better than they did when you used to clean them with hard water, your descaler works excellent.

Keep in mind what electronic water descalers don’t do

Water descalers do not remove iron. If you live in an area where metals inside your water are a problem, you might want to (also) look for filters. Also, if your water is contaminated with dangerous viruses and uncommon bacteria, descalers won’t do much to filter them out. They are not meant to handle the removal of hard materials and dangerous substances. For that, you will also need to attach a filter.

Closing thoughts

The advantages offered by water descalers compared to water softeners are amazing. They can make the water more friendly to your appliances, dishes, and clothes without maintenance. Their eco-friendliness also makes them desirable in a world where pollution seems to be at an all-time high.

They don’t waste precious resources. And the way they modify calcium and magnesium particles makes the water drinkable yet friendly to your appliances. So, if you want all the advantages of water softeners without any of the hiccups, then water descalers are right for you.

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