Traditional Railing vs. Glass Railing: Which One is better?


Some interior designs reflect your taste, persona and the way you think. We would like to believe that glass railings are an apt example of this. Traditional railings have stood the test of time for many people. Yet, glass railings have become a heartthrob as they provide a touch of modern aesthetics with a simple clean interior look. So, if you are seeking to improve the interior of your house or office, we recommend you way the pros and cons of each side. Want to know more about the differences in glass and traditional railings? Keep reading!

Top reasons why people choose Glass Railings

infographic showing versatility, durability and maintenance options


Believe it or not, glass hand rail has the ability to transgress beyond the orthodox styles of home interiors. They fashion your home in a way that leaves everyone in awe. Moreover, most importantly, glass railings are good to experiment with because glass is a versatile object. Yes! You heard us right! You could literally use and/or style glass in any way that you deem fit.

You can experiment any way you want, and glass would still look sorted and classy. If you have seen a modern house with glass railings, we bet you would understand.

view of glass railing from bottom floor


The glass might sound like it is very fragile. However, the kind of glass used in glass railings is tempered at high temperatures, which makes it durable and strong enough to stand the test of time. Just like with insulated glass, A normal windy experience or any day-to-day instances are not likely to break a glass railing. Moreover, glass railings do not require extreme measures for the maintenance, as they are fairly easy to clean.


Yes, it pretty easy to clean glass railings. However, you cannot go without cleaning them for more than a week. A lot of dust and other unwanted particles tend to accumulate which could be highly visible if not kept clean.

woman cleaning glass railing with yellow gloves and sponge

What’s the downside of glass railing?

A bit Expensive

Even though glass railings look the best, unfortunately, they are expensive. Indeed, some styles of glass railings are some of the most expensive railings on the market.

Why people choose traditional railings


Guess what? Most materials used for traditional railings, such as aluminum are eco-friendly. Once they have worn out, they can be recycled for other purposes. Some aluminum railings are actually manufactured by utilizing recyclable material. Therefore, if you are set on searching eco-friendly and recyclable material for your home interior, this is your best bet.

side view of traditional metal railing on the side of a building

Easy on the pocket

Most traditional railings are relatively more affordable. Especially cable porch railings, as they can save your budget from ripping apart. Of course, traditional railings do not refer to ugly railings by any means. They can be beautiful also. For people who like a traditional touch in their home interiors, we recommend the use of traditional railings for a more natural and holistic look.

Is traditional railing forever though?

*Warning alert*

Traditional railings are just like everything in life, they have positive and negative aspects to consider. It is important to realize that traditional railings can be dangerous at times. Especially when you have low railings with gaps in between. And if you have kids at home, traditional railings could be a call for trouble.

Also, traditional railings might not complement the modern aspects of your home. For example, if you have a highly modern aesthetic look and feel of your home after renovation, your traditional railing could stand out as the misfit of the home. So you must understand the style and aesthetic of your house before choosing traditional railings.

Which one is recommended and Why?

glass railing outside of home on deck

In our opinion, glass railings are the best way forward. This is because they complete the look of both, a modern house as well as a semi-modern one. Believe it or not, but glass railings are an exceptional way to add monetary value and even aesthetic value to your home. They can make your home look more sophisticated, modern, and unique. Glass railings also help to accentuate the aesthetics and wall art of your home, which automatically appeals to everyone in your surroundings.

Likewise, glass railings are also safe. They use some of the finest glass to manufacture glass railings. It is highly durable and robust. Hence, there are very slim chances of glass breakage for glass railings. They are available in a wide variety, which makes them suitable for any home’s aesthetics. From frameless to framed glass railings, you can have it all.

Glass railings might be a comparatively expensive option, but it is definitely a good option. It is better to spend some extra money at once then keep spending on a traditional railing’s wear and tear. Install glass railings now and add that extra oomph to your lovely home!

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